Division Of Opinion On Social Media As Politicians And Celebs Comments On ‘National Language’ Issue

Yesterday there was a war of words on twitter between two prominent celebrities Ajay Devgn And Kiccha Sudeep over hindi language and the film industry. This is a prolonged issue in India ever since the independence of which language is the official language of the nation.

Now, that issue is cropped up again and many celebrities and politicians are expressing their opinions through social media handles. But this also created a division of opinion and many say it is creating social unrest.

Here we take a look at celebs inputs on the controversy-

Sonu Sood:

The real life hero Sonu who won the heart of millions Indians have stepped in the ongoing controversy of Hindi language and the national language. He is amongst those actors who have worked in both the film industries. The actor while commenting on this said that, “India has one language, which is entertainment. The actor also added that it doesn’t really matter which industry you belong to. If you entertain people, they will love you, honour you and accept you. the success of South films will change the way Hindi films will be made.” The actor has given a diplomatic answer.

H D Kumaraswamy

Former chief minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy posted a series of tweets on the Hindi being called the national language. In his tweets, also took a stand for Kannada actor Kiccha saying whatever he said about Hindi language is correct. His tweet reads, “Actor @KicchaSudeep saying that Hindi is not a National Language is correct. There is nothing to find fault in his statement. Actor @ajaydevgn is not only hyper in nature but also shows his ludicrous behaviour. Like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Marathi, Hindi is also one of languages. India is a garden of several languages. Land of multi cultures. Let there be no attempts to disrupt this. Just because a large population speaks Hindi, it doesn’t become a National Language.”

Here is his complete tweet:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The most versatile actor in the film industry Nawazuddin Siddiqui has taken his stand on the language issue. He is of the opinion that Hindi language should get more respect. He stated, “The script that we receive comes in Roman, it’s very difficult to memorise. So I request for a script in Devnagri. Also even while making a Hindi film, the directors, assistants… they are all talking in English. It affects the performance of an actor. In South, they speak in their native language, and they feel proud about it.”


Former Chief Minister of Karnataka and senior congress leader Siddaramaiah strongly opposed the opinion of Hindia being the national language. He tweeted, “Hindi was never & will never be our National Language. It is the duty of every Indian to respect linguistic diversity of our Country. Each language has its own rich history for its people to be proud of. I am proud to be a Kannadiga!!”

Ram Gopal Verma

Popular filmmaker who has created successful film in both the film industry highlighted that there is nothing right or wrong. In his tweet he wrote, “Like the PROOF of the PUDDING is in the eating , the runway 34 collections will prove how much GOLD (kgf2) is there in HINDI versus KANNADA .. @ajaydevgn versus @KicchaSudeep.” During one of the interviews he said, “”I honestly think Kannada super star Sudeepa has driven an incredible point when he said, what if he answers in Kannada to a Hindi tweet from Ajay Devgn, which should force everyone to realise that there’s no North and South and India is just one, which the North based Ajay doesn’t seem to understand and the South based Sudeepa seems to, full on.”


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