Cotton linens for the summer: Find out what’s hot in 2022

As the seasons change, so do the needs of the household and particularly, its requirement for bed linen: for example, you can use thicker fabrics and hefty comforters in the winter, but lighter bedsheets and thin duvets in the summer. The monsoon season with its excess humidity calls for fabrics that wick away moisture and dry rapidly. Then there are other factors to consider, like size, colour and designs.

This season, there are some interesting bedsheet and linen trends on the horizon, and you would be remiss if you didn’t check these out pronto. If you were thinking about rehauling your cotton linens for the summer, this article is just for you: it lists the season’s newest trends in bed linen.

Beat the heat with the latest in summer cotton linen.

If you are looking to buy new cotton bedsheets for the summer, we have you covered with the latest bed linen trends for 2022:

100% cotton sheets: Cotton is the most versatile, low maintenance and breathable linen material. As the summer heat progresses, you will experience some amount of night sweating. Not everyone likes to keep the air-conditioner or cooler running all night, but the flipside is that you will feel hot and clammy on the bed, which might disturb your sleep. Moreover, your bedsheet absorbs this excess sweat and becomes increasingly unhygienic for use. When looking for new bed linen, buy cotton bedsheets online from premium brands that offer hygro-cotton variants. Hygro-cotton bedsheets are super soft and promote comfortable sleep even in the harshest summer. Since they are created out of high-grade cotton fibres, they last long and interestingly, become softer with each wash. They are especially recommended for use in children’s and senior citizens’ rooms. Another benefit of 100% cotton bedsheets is that they are hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin.

Lighter colours are in vogue: You might welcome a bit of early morning sunshine into your room, but a harsh midday glare is a strict no. Midday sunlight has a higher heat component. It raises the temperature of all that it touches, and your mattress and cotton bedsheet will absorb some of this heat. However, this heat absorption is higher in bed linen with darker colours and thicker fabrics. When buying cotton bedsheets online this season, choose pastel shades and plain light colours instead of dark colours like black and navy blue. The latter are better suited to colder climates. You can buy the best cotton bedsheets in white, cream, beige, lemon yellow and such colours, with floral or light geometric motifs.

Mattress toppers are back: The summer season mandatorily requires mattress toppers or protectors. Most people like to spend weekends with the air-conditioner on and snacking in bed while watching a movie. Or there are some nights that are particularly hot and humid and make one sweat. In both instances, there are chances of the bedsheets and mattress absorbing food spills, beverages, and excess sweat. These contaminate the mattress, and fester on the inside, giving rise to bacterial growths that can harm your skin and respiratory tract. A mattress topper presents a barrier between the bedsheet and the mattress, and thus protects the latter from contamination. This season do take care to buy a mattress topper from a premium mattress or bed linen store.

Get the best deals on cotton bedsheets this summer:
We recommend checking out the top-rated names in Indian bed linen for the best products, widest range of colours and patterns, and the best deals. You can find seasonal discounts, periodic launches of new products, and new innovations in bedsheet fabric technology with leading brands. Besides, they offer their entire inventory online and have hassle-free payment and shipping modes. You should check out cotton bedding with high thread counts – these offer a luxurious soft feel, and they last for years with the right care.

With the advent of summer, it’s time to stay home, have a chilled drink and browse for the hottest new cotton linens for your home. We hope you take inspiration from the trends outlined above and get the best in cotton bedsheets and other bed linen for the summer of 2022.


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