Arijit Singh and Himanshu Malik  – an unlikely friendship and a theme song called Maan Le 

Arijit Singh and Himanshu Malik – an unlikely friendship and a theme song called Maan Le

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Tum Bin actor Himanshu Malik recently turned director with his relationship drama Chitrakut  and singing the beautiful theme song ‘Maan Le’ for his film is none other than music industry’s hugely talented  but reclusive choosy singer Arijit Singh. 

This is a coup of sorts for Chitrakut and  Himanshu has a  beautiful heartwarming story of why Arijit  agreed to sing the song for a debutant director of an indie film without the deep pockets  to pay someone like Arijit their market price… a story that will restore everyone’s faith in being nice to strangers once again! 

Himanshu recalls his first meeting with Arijit from a film set and says,  “Well I remember meeting Arijit way back in 2007-8 when he had just come to Mumbai, I was already acting in films and doing well. It was on a set of some film or a studio that he had come looking for work.

We started a conversation hanging around and bonded well, he was always a fabulous musician. I remember listening to some of his melodies and enjoyed them thoroughly, it was one of those memorable evenings that one would spend with a memorable artist.

Then once again I bumped into him backstage of a reality show I was probably at to promote some film. We remembered our little evening of singing and joy fondly. Then over the years he grew to be the famous singer that he is.”  

Continuing his story Himanshu adds warmly, “Then, while I was looking for a playback singer for the theme track of Chitrakut, despite every advice and general notion that Arijit does not sing too many tracks, says no to almost all tracks that he is approached for.

I hesitantly reached out to his management and sent the track, I also sent a small background of mine to remind him a bit of my past. Within a matter of hours, I heard back from them, he was going to do it.”  

Himanshu Malik is delighted that ‘Maan Le’ is climbing the charts rapidly since it was released by the producers  on April 25th to coincide with Arijit’s birthday. Somesh Saha has composed the music for the film and lyrics are by Somesh Saha and Divya Unni.

About his film Himanshu says, “It is a meditation about love and the nuances that make for the undefinable world of relationships. It is also a simple story of finding love and losing it.

‘Chitrakut’ is the place where Ram and Sita spent their initial years of banishment, in some texts they are known to have had lived in bliss of each other, never after their stay in Chitrakut-

since their bond was broken after her abduction, never before- since he was son, king, brother in Ayodhya- were they as happy as they were in Chitrakut. This metaphor of life and love became the basis of the film. “

 Chitrakut is Presented by Akbar Arabiyan Mojdeh & Mojtaba Movies and PRODUCED by Akbar Arabiyan, Himanshu Malik. WRITTEN  & DIRECTED by Himanshu Malik, the Cast includes Auritra Ghosh, Vibhore Mayank, Naina Trivedi, Kiran Srinivas, Shruti Bapna.

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