Twitter Boils Over National Language Controversy As Actor Kiccha And Ajay Devgn Takes A Dig At Each Other

The issue of national language has sparked a row on social media for the past few days and several celebrities have expressed their opinion on the debate. The latest one is Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep who has joined the controversy.

Sudeep during the launch of his film, ‘R: Deadliest Gangster Ever’, stated that the directors the south Indian films these days are immense potentials of making cinema with a global effect, referring to the superhit success of Prashanth Neel’s KGF chapter 2.  

Later, while speaking at the event he took a dig at Bollywood stating that the bollywood film industry gains relatively lower success rates compared to south films, even after dubbing their films in Telugu and Tamil.

Later a video went viral across the social media platforms Kannada actor with caption that reads, “Kannada Actor @KicchaSudeep said ,”correct it,Hindi is no more the National Language, its no more a National language”! In a film launch & a huge applause from the crowd & the media. Hope the efforts of Kannada activists are reaching the intended places. #stophindilmposition”.

In the video he is heard saying, “You said that a pan India film was made in Kannada. I’d like to make a small correction. Hindi is no more a national language. They (Bollywood) are doing pan-India films today. They are struggling (to find success) by dubbing in Telugu and Tamil, but it’s not happening. Today we are making films that are going everywhere.”

On this Bollywood star Ajay Devgn fiercely criticised Kiccha through tweet. He tweeted, “Hi @KicchaSudeep, You are a friend. thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding. I’ve always thought of the film industry as one. We respect all languages and we expect everyone to respect our language as well. Perhaps, something was lost in translation (sic).”

Kiccha gave a reply to him saying, “Translation & interpretations are perspectives sir. Tats the reason not reacting wothout knowing the complete matter,,,matters.:) I don’t blame you @ajaydevgn sir. Perhaps it would have been a happy moment if i had received a tweet from u for a creative reason. Luv&Regards (sic).”

The debate over the national language has been very sensitive with controversial comments coming from the people creating division of opinion on the basis of language.

Meanwhile many are also criticising the Kannada actor for have double stance because in 2019 during the promotions of his film Pailwan, where he reportedly called Hindi the national language of India.

Here is the thread of tweets and quote retweets between the two actors:


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