Mandana Karimi reveals she went to jail

Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi opened up about being behind the bars one time

Mandana Karimi shared about how she once served jail time in Iran for allegedly being intoxicated along with her friends.

Mandana Karimi reveals she went to jail

Wild card entry Mandana Karimi opened up about the time when she was arrested during a visit to her home country Iran and was even made to watch her friends get lashed as a punishment. She did not get lashed out because of her injury at the time and for a fact that she had undergone surgery. Mandana was sharing all of the details with a fellow contestant Payal Rohatgi on the reality show Lock Upp.

Mandana and Payal were chilling together when Mandana shared the incident, “I went back to Iran for my friend’s sister’s wedding. So, I missed the wedding and then we were all to go to Shomal. It is a place near Tehran…you know like we go to Lonavala with friends here.” She goes on to say, “So, we went there and in the villa, they had a bike. I love riding bikes so I was playing around with the bike. While riding it, I had an accident at a turn.”

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She then added, “My knee was injured badly and the whole thing busted out. They had to put it all together and I was about to have surgery. I could hear my friends talking and having full masti time as they waited for me to come out of the operation theatre. But, someone was watching us and realized ‘these people seem to be intoxicated’. When we were changing clothes, we felt a kick on the door and a woman cop – fully covered – came with a man and asked us ‘get the f*** out. I was like ‘Dude, what happened?’ And, the guy who arrested us was one of the fellows who went to war.”

Mandana then revealed that the cops wanted to teach them a lesson. “He wanted to teach us a lesson and that guy made me watch my friends being lashed. All my friends got 85 lashes and they made me watch it as they could not lash me because I was injured. He told me that I could not escape it all just because of the injury. I had to watch my friends getting the lashes. That was my jail experience. That is the reason I do not want to be in a country that treats its citizens like that.” 

For the unversed, Mandana is an Iranian. Her whole family lives in Iran and she has been in India because of work.

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