Salman Khan shares with us a little glimpse of 'banjha' Ahil's 6th birthday

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Salman Khan shows us Ahil's birthday party


Bollywood megastar Salman Khan celebrated his nephew Ahil Khan Sharma's birthday last night and it looked like one helluva night. He shared the video of his party on his Instagram.

Salman Khan at Ahil Sharma's birthday

Salman Khan has shared a video from the celebrations of his nephew Ahil's birthday. He is seen strolling around as sister Arpita Khan Sharma and nephew Ahil watches the performers at the party.


In the video that Salman shared on Wednesday, we could see an open area designed like a children's play zone was seen where Salman had him covered to the camera while he walked towards Arpita and Ahil, conversing with his sister. Salman, Arpita and Ahil were likewise seen together, while the stunts were being performed. The video finished with a photograph of people gathering that likewise highlighted Salman.

The actor shared the video on Instagram and expressed, "#ahilsbirthday."


Salman Khan's sister Arpita and actor Aayush Sharma married in the year 2014. They have two children together, Ahil Khan Sharma who just turned 6, and a two-year-old daughter Ayat Khan Sharma.

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