Oscars 2022 fights in Indian Awards Show

Post Oscars 2022 Will Smith’s Punching Chris Rock, Here’s Indian Awards Facing Similar Incidents!

Oscar 2022 will not just be remembered by celebrities’ fashion looks or them winning awards for their respective nominations. The Will Smith and Chris Rock fight will be one unforgettable incident that came out of this year’s Oscars.

Post Oscars 2022 Will Smith's Punching Chris Rock, Here's Indian Awards Facing Similar Incidents!

Well, the Indian award shows or some reality TV shows were no less, they may have had similar incidents where even though they may not involve physical fights but they are still remembered to date. Let’s take you back to some of the unfiltered drama that took place on national television.

The Popular Fresh Prince Will Smith Punches Chris Rock at Oscars 2022, Later Apologizes In His Teary Acceptance Speech

Ashutosh Gowarikar and Sajid-Farah– One of the most controversial arguments between Ashutosh Gowarikar and the siblings Farah and Sajid Khan took place at an award show, where the director was seen receiving the best film award for Jodhaa Akbar and the latter confronted Sajid Khan for mocking Harman Baweja’s acting. He then tells him that an artist/actor/director should not be made into a mockery at an award show in front of millions. Farah Khan later on, comes on stage to apologize to Ashutosh.

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shah Rukh Khan– In one of the Film Fare Awards hosted by Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan poked fun at Neil Nitin Mukesh who was sitting in the audience to which he took offense. The host has asked Neil why does he not have a specific surname just like the others. Hearing the questions Neil stands up from his seat and told the Khans that he felt offended by the question, especially for a fact that his father is sitting right next to him and even told him to shut up. Later on it was revealed that the whole act was scripted.

Ritesh Deshmukh and Sajid Khan– During a rehearsal for Sajid Khan’s Talkshow, guest star Ritesh Deshmukh disturbingly abused Sajid Khan due to a question directed toward him. Sajid Khan out of humor asked Riteish if some reports that mentioned he was gay were actually true. Riteish instantly reacted by angrily questioning him for the way he mocked him and even threatened to leave the show. Sajid did try to apologize to Riteish and promised to cut the particular scene. They did makeup though and they continue to remain friends.

Kamaal K. Khan and Ali Asghar & Suresh Menon– This incident made the controversial actor storm off the award show angrily. It all happened when the hosts of the Zee Gold Awards Ali Asghar and Suresh Menon were handing a ‘Balti’ award to the seated KRK to which he says these awards are supposed to be for TV actors and not me. After saying that KRK then aggressively throws the Balti award on the floor and walks away much to the hosts’ surprise. Even though Ali Asghar and Suresh Menon try to console the angry actor they get stopped by his bodyguards who were ushering KRK out of the event. Nevertheless, the hosts kept the show going and they started handing the Balti awards to the other actors.

Well when you thought the Will Smith-Chris Rock’s commotion was nuts, these incidents cannot be forgotten no matter how many years pass.


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