From Hilarious To Creepy, Here Are Top 10 Viral Videos Of The Week

Hilarious to creepy videos that go viral in our digital world day by day. Here are the top 10 viral videos of the week.

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From Hilarious To Creepy, Here Are Top 10 Viral Videos Of The Week


Hilarious to creepy videos that go viral in our digital world day by day. The videos might be hilarious, adorable, weird, creepy, heart-touching, and many more genres. Here are the top 10 viral videos of the week.

1. Dog Eating Photo of Meat Balls


Photos or videos of food can be torturous when you are hungry. It will make you crave for it like crazy and the same thing happened with the cute dog when he saw the meatballs photo.

Recently a video of a little puppy went viral where it was desperately trying to eat photos of food from a magazine, featuring photos of pasta and meatballs.


The seven-second clip shows the pooch, thought to be a chihuahua mix, frantically pawing and lapping at magazine photos of pasta, meatballs, and other dishes after apparently mistaking them to be real. 

Many users commented on this hilarious video!!

  • “She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s cute!” one user wrote. 
  • “Yeah, sometimes I want the food pictured in magazines too.”

2. Ramen Soup With Ice Cream

A restaurant in Japan has been making this sweet and spicy Ramen which was bizarre. A viral video showcases a weird Ramen soup that had soft-serve ice cream in it.


This bizarre combination of unusual flavors shocked and surprise their customers and also the viewers from over all the world. The video got over 3 million views and 150k likes.

In the clip, the user who posted the video revealed that this Ramen with ice cream was a dish being served at the Franken restaurant in Osaka, Japan and is called the 'Sweet and Spicy Miso Ramen', a bowl of hot ramen is served topped with an entire ice cream cone. The ice cream apparently adds creaminess to the soup due to the milk used in it, thus neutralizing its spicy taste.


Would you try this bizarre dish as shown in the viral video?

3. A Dog Hugging Women

This another dog thanking a woman with a hug video went viral after she feed the dog puppies!


In this clip, a woman can be seen feeding a couple of puppies some food. A street dog kept circling around the woman and kept wagging her tail.   

This dog who seemingly looked like the puppy’s mother kept nudging her head gratefully at the woman as if she was trying to say thank you to her. The woman also rubbed the dog’s head in the most affectionate manner.   

4. Fruit Chai

A video of tea made with an apple and a banana went viral. In a clip, a man from Surat can be seen making tea with fruit.

The viral video was posted by food blogger Amar Sirohi on his page Foodie Incarnate. In the short clip, a street-side vendor can be seen making fruit chai. According to the caption of the video, the vendor is from Surat. To make the odd beverage, he added banana and tea leaves to a saucepan with water and milk. Next, he added Chiku and slices of an apple. The vendor then proceeded to grate ginger and brought the tea to a boil.

The video got over 9 lakh views and faced Netizen's anger.

5. Sikh Man's Impromptu Dance In Miami

A dance video of a Sikh man name Saminder Singh Dhindsa in Miami got viral after his impromptu dance moves.

Saminder Singh Dhindsa came across a group of people dancing on a sidewalk in Miami, Florida and his dance moves and infectious energy has gone viral online. 

 The video clip was shared on Instagram by Mr. Dhindsa whose bio states he is a student at George Mason University in Virginia, USA - was seen approaching a group of hip hop dancers on a sidewalk in Miami, Florida. On being encouraged to join them, he broke into an impromptu dance that elicited cheers from the audience. Other people were seen filming the scene and cheering as the college student nailed it on the dance floor.

The video racked up over half a million views and hundreds of comments. Mr. Dhindsa is part of the bhangra team at his university and a member of the Virginia School of Bhangra. 

6. A Young Girl Displaying True Sportsman Ship

A recent video of a young girl went viral after she displayed true sportsmanship with her heartwarming gesture towards her opponent.

The video shows how a martial arts match between two little girls has just come to an end, and the master holding up the hand of the winner.

After the competition got over the winner held her opponent’s hand up to ensure she knew that they were both winners and appeared to be having a little pep talk before the two walked off.  

As soon as the video was shared online it got more than 2.5 million views.

7. Two-Year-Old Boy Pep Talk with Eight-Month-Old Baby Sister.

An adorable video recently got viral where a little boy gave his baby sister an adorable pep talk before playing in the snow together. 

A viral video shows two-year-old Sloan giving a pep talk to his 8-month-old sister Isla before going out in the snow to play. He can be seen crouching over Isla, who is lying on the floor. 

This adorable moment took place when Ashton Stevens and her family were getting ready to spend a day outside in the snow at their home in southern Missouri, the U.S., when she heard her little boy comforting his baby sister.

8. Elder Sister Helping The Younger Sister

A video went viral of an elder sister helping her younger one to get up on her bicycle. 

In a video posted by an Instagram handle name  Good News Movement, you can see an elder sister crouching down on the ground so that her younger sibling can get up on her bicycle. The younger one climbed on her sister’s back and was successfully able to sit on her ride. The elder one even pushes her bicycle gently from behind and tells her to pedal.   

9. Kim Jong-un Giving The Go-ahead For Launch Of New Ballistic Missile

A video from North Korea of Kim Jong-Un while giving the go-ahead for the launch of a new ballistic missile goes viral.

In the video you can see  Kim walking out from the hanger, wearing a leather jacket, pair of wide-leg trousers, and black sunglasses. He is been flanked by generals and appears to point at something on the horizon. Then it gets interesting - as he checks his watch before the camera pans to his two generals who do the same. The shots flick between the three men as they stare at their watches before Kim takes off his sunglasses to look directly into the camera. He nods, giving the go-ahead for the rocket launch, as one of the generals gives a thumbs up.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has criticized the North for breaking self-imposed on ICBM tests. He said that the ICBM launch poses a “serious threat” to the region and the broader international community.  

10. Kerala Boy Riding A Bicycle Escapes Death Twice

A Kerala boy's video got viral who was riding a bicycle and escape death twice.

The video shows the boy coming towards a busy road on his bicycle in high speed. He rams into a motorcycle and is thrown off the bicycle and lands on the other side of the road. Just then, a state transport bus ran over the boy's bicycle.

We can see a white car coming right behind the bus stops and people rush towards to boy who by then has stood up and is looking at his hands and legs for injuries. The boy's narrow escape has shocked users on social media.

This incident happened at Chorukkala near Taliparamba in Kerala's Kannur on Sunday around 4.30 pm.

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