Karan Kundra questions Karanvir Bohra

Karan Kundra questions Karanvir Bohra’s questionable strategy in the show

Jailer Karan Kundra lashed out at Karanvir Bohra for trying to create a fake angle with Anjali Arora.

Karan Kundra who became a jailer in Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Upp confronts Karanvir Bohra about his strategy in the show as soon as he called him to the ‘Jhol Ghar’. For those who are unaware, Anjali Arora was told by Karanvir Bohra to act like she has a crush on him just to create a romantic angle in the show to which Anjali declined. The TV actor then made it clear that he wasn’t trying to be romantically involved with Anjali but instead he just wanted her to pretend like she has a crush on him for the show.

Karan Kundra questions Karanvir Bohra
Karan Kundra not happy with Karanvir Bohra

While speaking to Kundra, Bohra said, “Create an angle. Of course, I will not be involved because I am married. It won’t be from my side, let it be from your side as a crush, not even a romance. My wife and her family must have felt bad, I’m sure and I really apologize to them and her.” After hearing his clarification Kundra expressed how he didn’t Bohra to do something like this, “KV, it fu****g looked bad. Do you know how long I’ve known Teejay? You know. Put yourself in Teejay’s shoes or if she would have done something similar on a show ‘fatke haath me aa gayi hoti’ (You would have been scared).”

Hearing him, Bohra then apologized to Karan for the silly mistake he committed to which Kundra further says, “Your wife, single-handedly, has stood her ground and supported you and taken all that sh*t that came and it was a sh*t show.” He even told the actor that he can apologize to his wife Teejay in person.

Karanvir Bohra was given a chance to meet his wife and kids only if he evicts someone from the house, to which he took Siddharth Sharma’s name. As soon as his wife Teejay Sidhu and his three daughters entered Bohra cried happy tears. They played Holi together and the other inmates got emotional watching Bohra and his family having a gala time together.


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