Poonam pandey calls Nisha Rawal a 'Bloody Housewife' in a derogatory manner , latter says "I take the title of housewife as a pride"

By tapasvi
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Nisha Rawal

The reality show Lock Upp: Badass Jail Atyaachari Khel is known for its unexpected nature and is getting more Badass and Atyaachari over time. With every new day comes a new set of unexpected twists and turns and heated controversies


At the beginning of the latest episode of the show, Nisha Rawal and Poonam Pandey got into an argument when Poonam tried to take the blanket claiming that it belongs to her. While Nisha calmly tried to make Poonam understand that it is not a personal blanket and she cannot just take it from them, the latter lost her cool and passed a derogatory comment 'Bloody housewife'. Reacting to the same, Nisha said "what kind of badtameezi is this, how can she say such things." Poonam, who realized the blunder she did, started claiming that it was addressed to herself.

Later in the same episode, while talking about the incident with her teammates Nisha said, "Poonam said bloody housewives and after realizing the blunder she said she started claiming it was addressed to herself. You cannot call someone a housewife in a derogatory manner"

She furthermore added, "I take pride in being called a housewife. I run two businesses, I run my campaigns and I'm doing a full-fledged show and now I'm here. And if someone calls me a housewife after all this, I take that title with pride. But saying it to someone in a derogatory way shows their own reflection". Her fellow teammates who agreed to Nisha's statement were seen lauding her for the same.


Nisha Rawal is emerging as one of the strongest contestants in the game who has time and again stood strong for what she believes in.

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