Nisha Rawal snaps back at Karanvir Bohra who tried to justify his touch by calling it a nudge, the former says "If I don't like that touch of yours, you cannot justify"

By tapasvi
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Nisha Rawal

The latest reality show Lock Upp has been making headlines since its inception and has been talk of the of town for all the right reasons. Nisha Rawal is one of the contestants who has been true to her grounds and has been taking a stand against the wrong since day 1.


In the latest weekend episode, the teams were reshuffled and Karanvir and Payal were made leaders of the Left block and Right Block respectively, and were asked to choose a team for themselves. Later the same day post the reshuffle Karanvir was seen taking all the stuff they won as ex-right block members which was opposed by the current right block members as there was no official announcement made regarding the same.

Nisha also was seen opposing Karanvir's move and was asking him to stop during which the latter pushed Nisha and continued his thing. Even after Nisha forgave Karanvir once for his inappropriate behavior he was seen justifying and talking about it with Payal. That's when Nisha gave it back to him saying, "I forget you I let it go and if you're coming back again and telling me that don't shout about it, is not done. You call it a nudge, a push, or whatever and if I don't like that touch of yours, you cannot justify it saying it was just a nudge and not a push based on technicality."

She furthermore added " It is my trigger point, sh*t has happened to me in the past and I don't like men touching me like that. Don't ever do it again by mistake, casually or unintentionally " Nisha Rawal made Karanvir understand his mistake who was later seen apologizing for his inappropriate behavior.

On the professional front, Nisha Rawal is known for her portraying Soumya Diwan in Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki. Nisha was last seen in the popular TV show Meet: Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet

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