All Of Us Are Dead Fame Yoon Chan Young Tested Positive For COVID-19

All of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan Young has been tested positive for COVID-19 and this led to cancel filming.

All Of Us Are Dead Fame Yoon Chan Young Tested Positive For COVID-19

Earlier today in the morning Yoon Chan Young’s agency announced that the actor is tested positive for covid. Here is what the agency stated:

Yoon Chan Young’s PCR test results came back positive for COVID-19,” stated the agency. “Yoon Chan Young previously received two doses of the vaccine, and he currently does not have any symptoms. He will adhere to the quarantine guidelines of government health authorities.

On 24th February,  Yoon Chan Young used a self-test kit for COVID-19 ahead of his scheduled shoot for the JTBC variety show “Knowing Bros”, which planned to film an “All of Us Are Dead” special featuring multiple members of the cast. When Yoon Chan Young tested positive for COVID, he immediately halted all activities and underwent PCR testing, and “Knowing Bros” ultimately decided to cancel filming entirely.

Park Seo Joon Tested Positive For COVID-19

Yoon Chan Young recently filmed an upcoming episode of tvN’s “The Sixth Sense 3” as a guest. the show’s PD and cast members Lee Sang Yeob, Mijoo, and Jessi all tested positive for COVID-19.

Both Jessi’s and Minjo’s agency released the statement today:

Here is the Mijoo agency’s full statement:

Hello, this is Antenna.

We are making an announcement regarding our artist Lee Mijoo’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

On February 22, Lee Mijoo underwent PCR testing because she had suspicious symptoms, and today (February 23), her test results came back positive.

Lee Mijoo previously received her second dose of the [COVID-19] vaccine in October of last year, and at the moment, she has halted all scheduled activities and is resting while taking all necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines of health authorities.

We will do our utmost so that Lee Mijoo can recover her health as soon as possible.

Additionally, we will pour all of our efforts into ensuring the health and safety of our artists and staff, in keeping with the guidelines of health authorities.

Thank you.

Here is Jessi’s agency P NATION’s statement below:

We are informing you that our artist Jessi was diagnosed with COVID-19 on February 23.

On February 22, because Jessi exhibited symptoms such as a mild fever, she underwent testing [for COVID-19] as a precautionary measure, and today, her test results came back positive.

Jessi previously received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and she has currently halted all scheduled activities and will focus on being treated at home.

Our agency will adhere to the guidelines of government health authorities and do our utmost to ensure our artist’s speedy recovery.

Wishing Yoon Chan Young, Lee Sang Yeob, Mijoo, and Jessi a speedy recovery!


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