Sohum Shah: “Bheema Bharti has given me a lot of recognition and fame as an actor!”

By tapasvi
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In a short span of time, actor Sohum Shah has portrayed various interesting characters, be it ‘Tumbbad’, ‘Ship Of Theseus’, ‘Talvar’, ‘Big Bull’ or ‘Simran’ amongst others. But the one interesting role that really stood out in terms of performance and popularity is Bheema Bharti from ‘Maharani’.


While Sohum walked away with huge accolades for his effortless performance in Maharani season 1, he is all excited to take the narrative ahead as Bheema by featuring in season 2 of the highly-anticipated show, which will be announced soon.

Though it is unlikely for actors to repeat their characters on-screen, for the first time Sohum is playing the same character again in Maharani Season 2. Talking about the same, the actor says, “The character Bheema Bharti that I play in ‘Maharani 2’ has been envisioned and written in a way that it gets an extension in season 2. I feel blessed to get the opportunity of portraying different and interesting characters in every project that I do.”

“But in cases where I have to repeat any character, like for instance my role Bheema in Maharani 2, I am okay as it is like taking the character to the next level and make it look more appealing and interesting. Sometimes, it gets boring since I like to attempt distinct characters, be it films or web series, but I am really excited to play Bheema Bharti as it has given me a lot of recognition and fame as an actor,” Sohum adds.

Showcasing his versatility, Sohum had played multiple and varied roles and now he is all set to comeback with Bheema Bharti in ‘Maharani 2’, which he has been shooting in different locations. Besides that, Sohum also has Reema Kagti’s ‘Fallen’ in the pipeline.

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