4 Tourist Places in “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” You Need to Wanderlust Upon & How Much They Cost:

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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Ever wonder how much a trip like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara would cost? We have all your answers here:

Every school or college group has one thing in common in India, whenever they saw ZNMD - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara together they planned a similar trip too. The 2011 multi star-cast film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is one of the most binge-watched Bollywood films. While the film has established squad goals for fans it has also mesmerized audiences with its awe-inspiring and ethereal locations.

As the world is now fighting with the Covid, the desire to visit Spain with friends might not be an ideal thing but we tried to figure out how much will it cost at a minimum to make this thing happen and where are these places exactly:


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was majorly shot in Spain and featured locations like golden sandbanks, elegant shopping streets and breath-taking mountain roads.

Costa Brava:

zindagi na milegi dobara locations

The film featured the Costa Brava beach when Abhay Deol decided to go deep-sea diving. It is here that the trio meets Katrina Kaif’s character i.e. Laila.  The Costa Brava beach is truly a paradise on Earth. The golden sandbanks, crystal clear waters and charming seaside villages are truly a sight to behold.


zindagi na milegi dobara locations

Buñol is a town that is located in the province of Valencia. This is the location where the trio and Katrina Kaif meet Laila’s friend Nuria. The film showcased the famous La Tomatina festival that is celebrated in Buñol in the month of August. The song Ik Junoon which featured the La Tomatina festival makes several shake a leg even today.


things to do in spain

Hrithik Roshan’s character, Arjun opts for this location. Here, the character plans to go skydiving with his friends. Seville is the capital of Southern Spain’s Andalusia region. While Seville is famous for flamenco dancing, it also offers a range of adventure sports activities like skydiving.


places to visit In spain

The last scene of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was shot in the city of Pamplona. Here the three best friends participate in the bulls festival, San Fermín. While the scene kept audiences at the edge of their seats, it is interesting to know that such a festival actually takes place in Spain. This festival is generally celebrated in the first week of July. This festival is being celebrated for about 100 years and it hosts about one million participants.

Basic Travel Flow:

Fly to Barcelona Spain (for costing Delhi is considered starting destination)


Road Trip to Costa Brava (round trip) for Deep Sea Diving

Train to Valencia

Road Trip to Buñol for Tomatina festival (round trip)

Flight to Seville for Sky Diving

Flight from Sevilla to Pamplona for Sanfermines (Running with the Bulls)

Flight to Barcelona

Return flight to Delhi


Flight from Delhi to Barcelona (Round Trip) INR 45000/Person

Car Rent for Costa Brava Round Trip INR 6000/Car

Fuel INR 3000/Car

Deep-Sea Diving INR 9000/Person

Train/Flight Tickets to Valencia from Barcelona INR 3000/Person

Car + Fuel Cost for a round trip to Buñol INR 2000/Car

Entry Fee for Tomatina Festival INR 9000/Person

Flight to Sevilla INR 3000/Person

Car + Fuel at Sevilla INR 3000/Car

Sky Diving INR 18000/Person

Flight to Pamplona from Sevilla INR 3000/Person

Sanfermines INR 2500/Person

Hotel Stays 12 Days Lumpsum INR 25000/Person

Food for 12 Days Lumpsum INR 36000/Person

Flight from Pamplona to Barcelona INR 4000/Person

Per Person Individual cost (excluding group cost like car rentals, Fuel) = INR 157500

Group Common Cost (for 3) = INR 14000

Total Cost for 3 people whole trip = INR 486500 Approx.

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