Shocking : Kaccha Badam Song Singer : “I am a Celebrity now I Won’t have to Sell Peanuts , Know his Luxurious Future Plans :

Kaccha Badam Song singer stopped selling peanuts

A Lot of Sellers are creative and sales is actually one of the toughest and most valuable jobs in the world . Recently a Badam seller in west bengal made a song to attract buyers in the state Bhuban became a singer created the song to attract buyers while travelling to villages in the Birbhum district to sell peanuts .

His peanuts are of good quality and are also at a reasonable price . This is the remix of the song that has gone viral.

Kacha Badam singer sang a song which has become one of the most viral songs on social media off late. Be it in India or any other part of the world, netizens seem to have been obsessed with this peppy song.

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The story behind the origin of the song is quite interesting as it belongs to a peanut seller . Now, Bhuban Badyakar, who created the peppy song, has received his long-due economic benefit or so-called remuneration for his viral song.

On Thursday, Godhulibela Music, who came up with the remixed version of the song signed a 3-lakh contract with Bhuban. This remuneration comes after people started criticizing and asking why the poor peanut seller from Birbhum is not getting his deserved royalty for the superhit song.

People are dancing to my song. So, you can imagine I am a celebrity now. I won’t have to sell peanuts from on. If I try to sell peanuts now people won’t buy, everybody will want to listen to my song. If my song can take me to people let’s focus more on music.

I want to create more viral songs,” that’s what Bhuban Badyakar now has to say after receiving the cash.It was my dream to become a singer but due to the financial problems, I had to take the responsibilities for my family. But now things have changed. I have now realized what I can achieve.

People had been using my song for their popularity till now and I got nothing. I hope it will change now. I am already receiving offers from Mumbai, Delhi. Even I received recording offers from Bangladesh but my wife doesn’t want me to go there. Still, I am happy that my struggles, my hard works are being recognized now,” said an emotional Bhuban.


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