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Exclusive: “I’m going to find someone on this valentine!” Rajwant Singh opens up on Pitching Pyaar, upcoming Audible Show

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The new Valentine’s Day programmes include a show titled Pitching Pyaar, a light-hearted coming of age love story by DICE Media

Amazon-owned audio streaming platform Audible, known for premium storytelling in India, has announced a fresh slate of content especially curated to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The line-up includes three marquee shows that will be launched on 14 February. Two of the shows have been produced by popular, new age media houses, DICE Media and TVF.

The new Valentine’s Day programmes include a show titled Pitching Pyaar, a light-hearted coming of age love story by DICE Media, Permanent Roommates S3, the first-ever audio spin-off of TVF’s popular web series featuring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh.

How did you bag this show?

“I was a bit nervous at first when I got to know about this audio show because Audio Project is something like a different career all together. But in no time, it became a learning experience for me because Sad was there and I learned many things,” Rajwant said.

What would you tell us about your characters?

“Kabir is a young entrepreneur who is trying to do something that he would call his own. He has many things in life which are going against him, maybe its love-life, could be his work or job. He is trying to break the default setting in his love-life & his job,” Rajwant said.

On the other hand, Shreya said, “Micky is quite a wonderful representation of how women today is. She knows exactly what she wants, she decides to go over what she wants it’s a journey ahead when she met Kabir that I would not spoil here. It’s a fun character though.”

What are your plans with your loved ones for Valentine’s Day?

“Well, I’m going to find one! Hahaha!” Kabir says. Shreya joins him saying “the condition is very bad; we are literally VERY single we just pretend that we are you know happy and with someone but it’s just real-life actor’s thing.”

What are your up-coming projects?

Rajwant said, “I’m waiting for this release firstly, I’m working with dice currently, we are doing a show and releases episodes weekly, What The Folks?! After that we are starting shoot for the film in Goa.”

Shreya said, “I’m still celebrating the release of ‘Loop Lapeta’, apart from that I’ve two films coming up but don’t know when and where!”

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