Famous Celeb and Astrologer Janvi Gaur Shares her Spiritual healing tips and shares some Karmic notes.

Famous Celeb and Astrologer Janvi Gaur Shares her Spiritual healing tips and shares some Karmic notes.

Born in a psychic family, Janvi Gaur was always inclined towards the spiritual world and could feel the presence beyond the ordinary. Even though almost all the people in her family are psychologically gifted, she stood apart from her family members as she could feel much more than they could.

From the young age of six or seven years, she would feel something different and get visions. She had a lot of knowledge about the soul from birth, which she chose as her career.

In a recent interview with Janvi Gaur, she shared many of her personal experiences about the spiritual and healing journey.

Below are 2 main questions answered by her. Let’s take a look :-

Question :- Some people don’t believe in aura, astrology and tarot card readings. What do you wanna say about that kind of mindset?

ANSWER :- ” I completely respect it. Because we are 7.5 billion people divided into 7 zodiac signs. Because out of 7.5 billion people there are actually only 12 sole purposes to fulfill. We have 12 animals in Chinese astrology, moon signs, raashi and all for a particular reason. “

“It’s absolutely fine if you don’t feel connected to it. There are so many things I myself don’t believe in, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist on the planet. “

” It’s absolutely fine, I don’t judge them. It’s fine even if they judge us. I believe that there is no smoke without fire. If a particular thing has lasted for millions and millions of years and it’s still stronger without the technology coming in. It completely rules all the people who have a lot of knowledge and explanation about everything. Because I’m very open to criticism and rejection. “

Question :- The COVID has hit everybody in a personal and professional matter. So how do you process somebody’s energy or aura to clearly interpret something that they want to know? How do you feel that the energy is still connected?

ANSWER :- ” Whatever we are going through from the past two years, please understand the deeper meaning behind this. Because the Universe is not unfair. Somewhere we were going very unfair with our lifestyle, our planet and other millions of species on the planet. “

” We were so bizzarely unfair and unreasonable for our benefit in the highest possible manner. Even I have lost some very dear ones in this COVID 19. Mother nature knows who’s going to be here and who is going to be not. I believe in destiny. The way you come here is a destiny and the way you go is also a destiny. ”

” There is a rhythm of this planet and also there is a rhythm of the planetary positions. I have said it many times to everyone that Earth is a Karmic planet. It runs on Karma. We may not believe it. But it’s true. Mother Earth is not only for us. She has to protect all 38 million species on the planet. Animals are very connected to the earth and energy of the cosmos.”

” So I am a destiny’s child and I completely understand that ‘ENERGY’, the creator and we are his finest creations. “


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