Arjan Bajwa

5 times Arjan Bajwa proved he can get into the skin of any character!

If there’s one thing that any cinephile and ardent fan can vouch for, it’s that the Arjan Bajwa is one of the most-versatile actors out there.

Be it in Bollywood or any film down south, Arjan Bajwa, sure knows how to play any role under the sun with impeccable sincerity and leave us in awe. Along with his charm that continues to win hearts aplenty, the actor is known to bite into the meat of the role making us believe that it’s the character and not him who we see on screen.

To get into the skin of a character an actor goes through a lot right from physical fitness to mental preparedness, it takes a lot for a person to truly understand and focus on the role. From being a handsome chocolate boy in Fashion to being a doting brother in Kabir Singh here are how 5 times Arjan Bajwa proved he is no lesser than a powerhouse.

State of Siege 26/11.

Arjan Bajwa

The series talks about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks from the viewpoint of National Security Guard (NSG) commandos. Arjan plays the role of Col. Sunil Sheoran aka Col. Kunal Sahota. The actor had to learn and unlearn all at the same time, operating the weapons used by NSG, changing his body language, getting the stance correct of a soldier in combat and his fitness regime. Arjan had a huge responsibility to recreate those events authentically and he surely nailed his part along with such an incredible story that definitely proved his versatility.

Kabir Singh

As a doting brother to Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh, Arjan Bajwa did justice to his role.
His sincerity and righteousness would go beyond boundaries to protect his brother. Coming as a saviour for his brother in all wrong, right, good or bad situations. The way Arjan portrayed the elder brother character definitely gave us the brotherhood goals to follow.


Playing the love interest in Fashion opposite Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Arjan played the role of a man who was an aspiring fashion model, the same as his girlfriend. Arjan surely made our hearts melt by his supportive, caring and loving nature and a strong headed person who would cross oceans for their loved ones.


An impressive character from the film Guru who made a powerful impression, Arjan Bajwa played the role of Arzan Contractor who was a suave anglicised businessman in India who tries to stop Guru (Abhishek Bachchan). His performance surely made a remarkable impact on everyone and his character is memorable one, kind of the antagonist in the film.


Arjan made a powerful impact in audience mind with his role as Vikram Makhija. The actor got some great appreciation for his negative role in the film

With such powerhouse performances Arjan Bajwa has proved his mettle time and again and his work reflects just that! It comes as no surprise that he was the choice for the webshow Bestseller as the lead opposite Shruti Hassan and we can’t wait to see him shine on the screen!

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