Aahana S Kumra buys a new house in Mumbai: ‘For the past 6 years, whenever I travelled, I used to pick up something for my own house

Aahana S Kumra buys a new house in Mumbai: ‘For the past 6 years, whenever I travelled, I used to pick up something for my own house

Aahana S Kumra welcomed the New Year in Kashmir this time, exploring the nooks and corner of the city. And if the start of the year happened so beautifully, things could have only gotten better from there on, and they did. Recently, Aahana bought her first house in the suburbs of Mumbai, and she sees it as a “big achievement”.


The actress insists that buying a house in Mumbai is actually a momentous task and to achieve that, she had to sacrifice on some things in the process. “I barely went out because I wanted to save money. In the last few years, I’ve hardly said no to a project. Thankfully, all that has converted into something great for me,” she reveals, adding that she has no regrets as the final outcome of all these sacrifices is worth it.

The house must have been bought only recently, but Aahana has been preparing for it for a long time. So much so that she believes that the house is a result of her manifestation. “For the past six years, whenever I travelled for shoots, I used to pick up something or the other, like carpets and showpieces, for my own house.”

Aahana shares that she plans to live with her parents in this house, and they will be moving in with her soon. “They are over the moon. I have always had them around me. I’m not somebody who’s very big on (hanging out with) friends. In fact, I love vacationing with my family,” she asserts, adding that since the last year kind of ended on a scare for her, as her mother had to be hospitalized due to Covid-19, she feels the need to be close to her family more than ever.

“I was in Aishmuqam Dargah, Kashmir, when my sister told me that mum had to be admitted. I was completely rattled and started crying inside the dargah. There was a cloud of depression when I came back to Mumbai. I had dedicated the entire January to her. I hardly took up shooting. But God heard my prayers and she’s fine now.”

Now that Aahana, who was last seen in Netflix’s Call My Agent: Bollywood, has achieved her dream of buying a house in Mumbai, she has some other goals she wants to achieve next in this to-do list. “Buying a car and a holiday home is the next big goal for me,” she concludes with a smile.


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