Exclusive : Karan Kundra Wants To Be With Tejasswi 24/7 also in Naagin 6, Know what he said about his bond with people he met in Bigg Boss :

Karan Kundra Wants To Be With Tejasswi

Karan Kundra is an Entertaining person who was in Big Boss this season he has won the hearts of millions of people this time .

Recently he had an interview with popdiaries know what he said about his friends in Bigboss and Tejaswi .Karan as usual who is known for giving witty and smart answers gave brilliant answers to every question .

Here is the interview of Karan Kundra .


Karan revealed that he already has a very strong Carrear of more than 10 years so he did not came to big boss with huge expectations .He was like let’s go to big boss enjoy, be there for few days and then I will come home but surprisingly he stayed there a long time more than what he had expected .

Karan accepted that he fell in love with Tejasswi on Big Boss and has found the love of his life and wants to be with her as much as possible . He romantically even said that he wants to be with Tejasswi 24/7 and if possible please he would like the naagin 6 director to give him a small role where he can meet tejasswi and spent time with her .

He also said that he doesn’t want the lead role as the person doing the lead role is his friend .When asked about the conflicts he has had with pratik , he said that pratik is very close to him and the reason he has had conflicts with him and other people in big boss is because they were the people who were close to him and he considered them to be his true friends .

He explained that if a stranger does anything wrong he will not get bothered by the stranger but if someone he loves does anything wrong he will feel bad and get angry but he is not getting angry because he hates the person but he is getting angry because he actually loves the person and the person matters to him .

On his bond with pratik and other participants of big boss he said that pratik will always be special and he will always be just a phone call away from him and any time when he needs him he will be there for him .

Karan also said that different people in big boss have different way of understanding , different way of talking . You cannot make umar understand something in a way in which will shamita will understand . He had to talk to different people in different manner and that was the smart thing .


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