Pratik Sehajpal the most deserving contender.

Bigg Boss 15: Jeet Te Toh Sab Hai Par Shayad Hi Koi Tumsa Hara; Pratik Sehajpal the most deserving!

Pratik Sehajpal the most deserving contender.

Pratik Sehajpal the most deserving contender.

Yesterday Bigg Boss 15 grand finale took place and Tejasswi Prakash took the trophy home but the whole nation was praising the first runner-up and the most deserving Pratik Sehajpal.

I don’t know if Pratik Sehajpal is not the winner then why? No doubt it was planned by the makers and was totally scripted but still it felt bad to see tears in Pratik Sehajpal’s eyes.

Not only from the first day of Bigg Boss 15 but from the start of the Bigg Boss OTT Pratik Sehajpal gave his sweat and blood to the show. Many manhandled him, abused him, provoked him and also ignored him but we can only see the willingness to snatch the BB 15 trophy in Pratik Sehajpal’s eyes.

A true friend for his friends and a strong competitor and opinionated, Pratik Sehajpal also stood by all the right things.

Be it any task or just a debate over small things, Pratik Sehajpal never got manipulated and lost his plot. He always proved his point with the utmost dignity.

No wonder why Pratik was the favorite of literally every guest that came on Bigg Boss 15. Pratik by his game won so many fans.

When yesterday Pratik Sehajpal cried, many fans of him cried because he was deserving. He gave his all to this fake scripted game.

What Tejasswi Prakash did and Pratik Sehajpal didn’t to win the trophy? Tejasswi had just manhandled people, age shamed them and did all the nasty things that will defame the show

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When the announcement of Teja’s win came out, Tejasswi was trending for all the bad things and the netizens were trolling her and the show but on the other hand Pratik Sehajpal was also trending for all the right things. People saw the real winner in him.

Pratik Sehajpal didn’t win the trophy but honestly, he doesn’t deserve the trophy of the fake show. He earned more valuable things than that fake trophy, and which is a gazillion of fans!

Pratik Sehajpal earned love from his fans and not just his fans but from celebrities too. Gauahar Khan to Bipasha Basu praised him and not Tejasswi Prakash.

Here’s how the netizens reacted on Pratik Sehajpal’s not winning the show.


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