Shocking : Shark Tank’s Ashneer Grover Tells Pitcher ” Naukri Dhund ” Namita Thapar asks Him To Be Nicer :

Ashneer Grover angry , namita be nice

On Friday’s episode of Shark Tank, Ashneer Grover got a little too blunt with a pitcher, telling him to give up on his business model and find a job.

Ashneer is a very strict , honest and blunt person who gives good advice but the problem is that sometimes he is too rude unnecessarily and can hurt people who have been working hard on their product from so many years .

Shark Ashneer Grover was his usual blunt self on Friday’s episode of Shark Tank India. The Bharat Pe founder told a pitcher straight to his face that the business idea he was chasing after was shoddy and he needs to invest his energies elsewhere.

Telling the pitcher why he could not support his business–a platform that could bring students and potential scholarship-funding corporations together–Ashneer said, “Problem sahi hai. Tere se naa ho paega (The problem is clear: you cannot handle it). Think for yourself first. If you can’t solve your own issues, how will you solve them for others? Mereko lagta hai bhai tu naukri dhoond. Tereko pehele samjhna padega dhanda hota kaise hai. Unicorn banne ke liye kood gaya tu. Nahi ho paega were se. Chorr de isko. Apna bhi time waste karra hai (I think you should find yourself a job. You should first figure out how to do a business. You set out to become the unicorn. You can’t do it. Let it be.

His co-shark, Namita Thapar was not so impressed with his tone. “Yaar Ashneer, thoda sa toh sugarcoated bola karo (sugarcoat your words a bit),” she said. “Ek question mujhe aap log se poochna hai (I have to ask you all something).

If we have a choice, why can’t we tell them (the contestants) that you won’t be able to scale it but yes, you can manage a small or mid-size business? Direct salary kama, naukri kar kya hota hai (Why do you need to be so direct and tell him to find a job or earn a salary),” she asked.

However, this time, other sharks also agreed that Ashneer was right in the way he handled the pitcher.

Ashneer gives honest opinions but sometimes , actually a lot of times he is unnecessarily rude which is wrong , he is loved by a lot of people but he is also hated by some and almost everyone has the opinion that he should not be rude .


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