The host of the show Salman Khan highly appreciates Nishant's game

Bigg Boss 15: Times when Salman Khan has been all praises for Nishant Bhat

The host of the show Salman Khan highly appreciates Nishant's game

The host of the show Salman Khan highly appreciates Nishant’s game

Nishant Bhat, known for securing the position of 1st Runner up in Bigg Boss OTT season 1 is yet again on the road to potentially win Bigg Boss 15.

Salman Khan, host of the show highly appreciates Nishant’s game and has only good things to say about him. There have been several times where Salman Khan has acknowledged Nishant for his performances on the Weekend ka Waar episodes.

Here are some of the highlights about the same.

Salman Khan praises Nishant for righteous Captaincy

In the 4th week of the show, Nishant was the captain of the task and he successfully carried out the task and was highly appreciated for it. Talking about the same, Salman said “Jo pura hafta aapne captaincy nibhaayi hai usse aapne baakhubi nibhaya you were too good” (You have carried out your duty as a captain aptly, you were too good)

Salman Khan lauds Nishant for having a spine of steel

Nishant Bhat is known for having a strong point of view and for his outspoken personality. He has always spoken the right things at the right time irrespective of the consequences he might have to face. Appreciating the same, Salman said ” “How dare you always speak right things in the house”

Salman Khan praises Nishant’s Dancing Skills

Nishant Bhat has choreographed opening-finale sequences and some of the dance performances performed by the contestants inside the house for previous seasons of Bigg Boss. All the dance performances done by the contestants in the Bigg Boss house in the ongoing season are choreographed by Nishant himself. Salman Khan appreciated his dance and said “Ye bohot acha nachte hai aur apna teen-paanch karke sabko nachate bhi hai”

Salman Khan who identifies everybody’s mistakes and makes them understand what they’ve been doing wrong by giving them feedback is rather seen appreciating Nishant most of the time. Salman Khan’s appreciation is itself a proof of best performance in the show.

Nishant Bhat is one of the seven contestants who have successfully secured their place in the season’s finale week.

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