Adah Shah was Trolled by People for Dancing next to a British man ,” Because of her Indians are considered fool “, see Her Brilliant Reply :

Adah Sharma got trolled ,

Actor Adah Sharma reshared her video from London in which she is seen dancing to Shake It Like Shammi, standing next to a British guard .

A Lot of celebrities get trolled unnecessarily on social media they are ridiculed for their looks , for the clothes , sometimes for what they say and what not.

The problem with social media is that no one is held accountable for what they are saying and so a lot of people say whatever that comes in their mind without any consideration of what the other person might feel or think.

After Adah Got trolled she deleted the video and then reposted it with the caption – Sharing the video, Adah wrote, “Friends and my dear countrymen, lend me your ears this is not to bury my Instagram post (that everyone is resharing.

Scroll down on my feed to check authenticity. REPOSTING it again. This video was not shot at Buckingham palace. But yes it is on London ground. Photography was allowed here and this video was shot with full assent taken from all quarters.”

She added, “The tourism campaign team asked me to sing a song.. i chose to sing in Hindi . This video was shot pre-covid times. P.S. The British ruled our land for almost 200 years.

They were large hearted enough to allow an Indian girl to sing a Hindi song on their soil (with permissions taken) But it makes me proud to see my own countrymens large-heartedness to stand up so solidly for the British. It shows how seriously we Indians follow ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.”

In the earlier video she was trolled by saying this -Many internet users slammed Adah and accused her of “worst tourist behaviour.” As one person commented, “This is the worst tourist behaviour.” Another one said, “This is really bad. Not funny. Unka mazaak nhi banana chaiye (We should not make fun of them). Have some manners.”

While one wrote, “Yahi logon ke wajah se Indians ko bewakoof samjha jata hai dusre countries me (It’s because of people like her that Indians are considered fools around the world).” The trolls that targeted adah were wrong

A lot of people have made social media a place where everybody releases the hatred they have in their mind . The trolling which happens on social media is ruthless and if the celebrity does not have a high self esteem then it can affect their mental health and can even send people into depression.

Previously Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Swara Bhaskar and many more have been trolled on social media for no reason .This is sooo wrong on so many levels , this has shown that social media has became such a bad place where people are just spreading hate and bullying each other .


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