Unbelievable : Nasa is giving 1 Million Dollars For Ideas on Astronaut Food in Space also know Nasa and Elon Musk story:

Nasa space food competition

Nasa works very hard and is very dedicated to explore the space and the solar system , They are trying their best to be the greatest at everything they do .

In a recent interview of Elon Musk, he said that when he did not had much money , and was working hard on his space projects, he made a project but was not sure if that product of his is sustainable and can earn profit .

At that time he got a call from Nasa and they said that you are getting 50 million dollars offer from us . He was overjoyed , he cried with tears of Happiness and was releaved as he was in debt because of the loan he had taken to make his product . He said I love you to the nasa employee who conveyed the news and was the happiest that day .

Recently nasa is focusing on taking astronaut to deep space for that the biggest challenge they are facing is that they need energy source for food for which they are asking everyone to give ideas on food source and for the winning idea they will give a million dollars .

Reported first by SciTechDaily, NASA in coordination with the Canadian Space Agency has announced the Deep Space Food Challenge where it has asked the public to develop creative and sustainable food production technologies or systems that can be developed requiring minimal resources whilst also producing the least amount of waste possible.

To the unaware, food, over a considerable period of time, loses its nutrition. This means for a Mars-based mission that can take several years, bringing pre-packaged food won’t be a viable option if they wish to remain healthy. Scientists are also looking to develop compact and innovative advanced food system solutions through initiatives like Deep Space Food Challenge for home and community-based applications as well as for emergency response situations during floods, droughts etc.

The challenge now asks competitors to create a food production technology system that could be integrated into a complete food system to sustain a crew of four astronauts on a three-year expedition in deep space.

Innovators need to consider everything needed to store, prep and deliver food to the crew. This will include production, transport, consumption as well as waste disposal.

Hope Nasa keeps getting success in its field


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