Unbelievable : Farmer Raises Rupees 10 Lakhs in 30 Minutes after getting Insulted and Humilated :

Farmer insulted at car showroom

A Farmer was insulted for no reason at all , he was Humilated at a public place in front of so many people . Being insulted is one of the worst things that can happen to you .

Insults are given within seconds but the impact they have on the person is very harsh and the hurt that it can cause to a person is very painful and can remain for years .

The farmers of India are the hardest worker farmer from all over the world. They are being always busy farming for the crops by working night and day. They use to work under the heat of the sunlight and also in the rain. they don’t have the fear of any season but they have only the fear that their crops will grow good and fantastic.

Farmers in India are extremely hard-working, consistent and are the food giving people to the whole country . In india more than half of the population is in the field of agriculture . A Lot of farmers have to go through hardship to get money .

Kempegowda RL, a farmer by profession, was shooed away by sales executives of a showroom when he along with his friends went to book an SUV for him on Friday. . Kempegowda, who hails from Karnataka’s Chikkasandra hobli, felt insulted at the treatment that was meted out to him and his friends. So, he returned 30 minutes later with 10 lakh to buy his dream car and exact revenge, The Times of India reported.

It all started when one of the executives humiliated the areca nut farmer saying he won’t have even have “Rs 10 in his pocket” let alone Rs 10 lakh for a car. He thought of them as nothing more than a bunch of window-shoppers. Before leaving the showroom, the agitated Kempegowda and his friends dared the sales executives to deliver the car “today itself” if they bring the cash.

They were told to go ahead. “He thought we won’t be able to pull together that much cash because banks were closed by then,” Kempegowda told TOI. But surprisingly even after doing so much hardwork and bringing money at that day itself , they were told that the car cannot be delivered today as Saturday and Sunday are government holidays .

The farmer then said that I’ve asked the sales executive and the showroom authorities to apologise to us in writing for humiliating me and my friends… Now, I’ve lost interest in buying the vehicle,” Kempegowda added.


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