Aniket Chindak talks about his love for singing and spill some beans on his favorite creation.

Exclusive: Extremely talented Musician Aniket Chindak talks about his creation ‘Akela’ for which he gave his blood and sweat all throughout these years!

Aniket Chindak talks about his love for singing and spill some beans on his favorite creation.

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Aniket Chindak talks about his love for singing and spill some beans on his favorite creation.

Can you believe a record holder of 31 Guinness Book of World titles, and an international athlete in skating is now investing his time in singing and creating music? No right? Well, we know one such talented artist. Aniket Chindak.

Aniket Chindak is exceptionally well at skating and now is living his another passion and which is singing and how!

We exclusively interacted with Aniket Chindak where he spilled the beans on his passion, his milestone in skating, and a Bollywood celebrity he would love to sing for.

How did this journey start?

I was always keen to learn new things, exploring new heights. So I choose my path I learned skating, tried my best to achieve new heights, and have set a record. Now I am focusing on what I love apart from skating and that is singing and creating music. I am sure that I’ll achieve the milestone I am targeting.

Apart from singing you are a 31 Guinness Book of World record holder and an international athlete, so how did you manage both things?

I had expertise in skating from the very beginning but I wanted to do something apart from skating so it wasn’t that tough for me to manage both things. Now I don’t practice skating much and now my complete focus and dedication are on my singing career.

If you have to pursue only one dream what will you choose, speed skating or singing?

I have already achieved the milestone in skating now I want to centralise my complete focus on my singing career.

Was it difficult to convince your parents?

The most difficult part was to convince my parents that now I don’t want to skate anymore and I want to pursue singing, work on creating music. I have put my heart and soul into the creation of Akela. I lost my mother when we were still working on the making of the song and then after a long wait the song is here and everyone is appreciating our hard work I think that is the best part.

What inspires you as an artist?

Like any other artist what inspires me and keep me motivated is the outcome part especially when my audience, my fans, and my people love the music that I create, appreciate my hard work, and also that they have noticed I’ve put my heart in it and soul into this. Doing shows interacting with them and giving them an entertainment factor through my music is what inspires me as an artist.

Which creation of yours is very special for you?

No doubt Akela is a very special track for me we all have worked very hard for this track. I was patiently waiting for akela’s release and now I am overwhelmed with all the love we are receiving. This is just the beginning we have an incredible journey to look forward to.

Which actor is your favorite and for whom you would love to sing?

I would love to sing for every Bollywood actor but I am a really big fan of Emraan Hashmi’s work and I would love to sing for him.


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