Niketan Sharma

EXCLUSIVE: “It was Interesting to Explore this Unknown World,” Niketan Sharma on his character journey with Cubicles Season 2

Niketan Sharma opens up on Cubicles part 2 and his OTT connection:

With a little less than two years of WFH (work from home), we are all missing our offices (well! almost all of us). And Cubicles Season 2 will surely make you nostalgic as it takes you back to good-old work-from-office days with regular breaks, office gossip, cab rides and the daily hustle at the workplace.

With five episodes of 30 minutes each, Cubicles Season 2 is binge-worthy with its simplistic storytelling. You can watch Season 2 even if you haven’t watched Season 1.

 Niketan Sharma in an exclusive interview has opened up on his character and his OTT connection as he also played an impactful role in movie Candy recently.

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“OTT has opened vast opportunities to everyone, it doesn’t limit anyone. I think it’s a best chance for anyone who wants to do something in the entertainment industry. Also, from the audience’s point of view, OTT gives you a lot and different kind of content to watch, it’s just limitless that too sitting at your home,” Niketan Sharma said.

Niketan Sharma

While on the current scenario of shut down of theaters again Niketan Sharma added, “In the last few months or last two years we have witnessed uncertainty of cinema theaters, it’s the worst thing honestly. I don’t really think this will affect cinema halls for a longer period of time cause theaters have different vibe, energy, charm and that fact that you watch a movie with strangers coming from different parts of society. I think it’s a phase but it definitely will bounce back.”

About the character in Cubicles Season 2- “It was very interesting choice of character for me, it was not that relatable character for me, totally unknown world it was. But it was really interesting to explore this unknown world, to fit into that body, that accent, dressing style it was quite fun. The character is humorous, straight forward, funny and at the same time very disciplined and stressed as well.”

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