Shocking : Poonam Pandey Got Physically and Sexually abused in Marriage , Got Injuries in Head , Eyes Damaged ,Know what Happened :

Poonam Pandey marriage ends

Poonam Pandey after her seperation from her husband has gone to therapy and she reveals that she is currently healing and will not date again .

Poonam Pandey recently opened up about her separation from her husband Sam Bombay. The actress revealed that she is currently healing and is not ready to date again.

Getting Married is easy but maintaing a marriage is a tough task which is becomes impossible if only one person is willing to work on it . In order to maintain a marriage one needs to work hard and both the person should have enough love , empathy and compassion for each other, then only the marriage works .

But one should not try to make a marriage work if your partner is abusive and exploiting you. In such case the relationship becomes toxic for you because the person you are living with is toxic .

And you will not get any happiness from such marriage and will get only and only torture, so it is better to not be in such a relationship and be seperate and be happy and safe .

No matter how much close you are to someone cheating or physical abuse in a relationship is a deal breaker and you should end the relationship without a second thought.Talking to a news portal, Poonam said that she is doing pretty well.

The actress stated she doesn’t want to talk about Sam Bombay much as she is on a healing process. She is going to a therapist.When asked if she is willing to date again soon, Poonam replied by saying, ‘absolute big no’.

The diva stated that she might think about it five years from now but she is definitely not thinking on those lines anymore.Poonam got hitched to her longtime boyfriend Sam Bombay in September 2020.

During their honeymoon in Goa, Poonam had reportedly filed a domestic violence case against her husband. However, after much ado, she decided to give him another chance after he was out on bail.Later, she went on to file sexual assault case against Sam again.

According to reports on ANI, the actress was admitted to a hospital after lodging the complaint. She suffered injuries to her head, eyes and face.


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