Naga Chaitanya Opens Up On His Divorce With Samantha in 2021 , Gives Admirable Response :

Naga Chaitanya speaks about divorce

The couple was married in 2017 and the rumour of Samantha and Chaitanya’s split started when Samantha changed her name from Samantha Akkineni to simply the first letter in her name ‘S’.

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha prabu who were once seen as couple goals are now reported to be splitting .in an interview he was asked if this phase was painful.

He said yes initially it was a little painful. But later when he realised that people will remember the main news and forget the new which are made for trp , then he was releaved.

This is the tweet of the interview of Naga Chaitanya

Chaitanya said that from the start he keeps his personal life personal and professional life professional.i never mix the both ,I have kept them separate.

Naga Chaitanya has for the first time opened up in an Interview about his divorce , he said ” It is OK to be separated . That is a mutual decision made for their individual happiness. If she is happy then I am happy. So divorce is the best decision for us “.

This was his post of last year

Samantha posted her fashion label post on Instagram after announcing split from naga Chaitanya.Samantha wore a white dress with flowers in her hairs . She had announced her separation from naga on Saturday and then disabled the comments.

Her fans supported her by saying that they will always be there for her.Samantha wrote in an Instagram post that she and chay has decided to take seperate ways and will carry forward their lives seperately .

“We are fortunate to have a friendship that has been a decade long and which will always make a strong bond between us. We request our fans to support us during the difficult times and give us the privacy to move on in this times” ,she said.

Samantha wrote about the rumour that she did not wanted kids, and she must be having affair. She said thankyou all for supporting me during the tough times. Thankyou for showing me so much love, empathy during all these.She continued that there were people who were saying that I might be having an affair but I thank my fans for defending me from these false rumours . A divorce is itself a very painful process . Let alone allowing me the time to heal.


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