Unbelievable Decision For Transgender By Centre : Give Seperate Wards and Toilets To Them In Jail , Know Why :

Transgender people seperate jail

Appropriate arrangements and proper facilities should be given to people in accordance with their gender identity. Transgender People should get their own facilities.

A Lot of People do not respect and give equal treatment to the people of Transgenders which they give to normal homosexual or heterosexual people . Transgender people have their right to be treated as someone who is equal to us neither superior nor inferior.

People of this community have said that they don’t get the right treatment and the right facilities which they should get in jail . In prison they should have their own ward and their own toilet as women have their own ward and their own toilet than men because they are of different gender in the same way even trans people should have their own seperate facilities.

Transgender inmates will soon get a separate enclosure/ward in prisons to ensure their right to privacy and dignity. While providing exclusive space for transmen and transwomen in correctional facilities, prison officials will ensure that they are not completely isolated from others.

In an advisory sent to the Heads of Prisons in the States and the Union Territories on Monday, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs said a person recognised as a transgender had the right to the self-perceived gender identity under the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019.

Calling for including transgender as a separate category in the prison admission register and management system, the advisory said in the event of the court warrant not mentioning the self-identified gender or if the gender is disputed by the person, the Jail Superintendent should, with the help of the legal services authorities, assist the person in making an application for a change in gender identity.

The person conducting the search must ensure the safety, privacy and dignity of the person being searched. At the stage where the search procedure requires stripping, it must be done in a private room or in a partitioned place.

The search procedure should be confined to compliance with security protocols and restriction of contraband and should not be aimed at determining the gender of the person.

We hope these people get their right to have seperate wards and toilets as they are a different gender just like male and female .


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