Rising artist Bharati Sangle talks about her journey as a singer.

Exclusive: Musician Bharati Sangle talks about her wish to sing for Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone

Rising artist Bharati Sangle talks about her journey as a singer.

Rising artist Bharati Sangle talks about her journey as a singer.

Nowadays we are witnessing that creators are making really special and something unique than the world. Bharati Sangle is also one of them. Bharati is a musician and a singer.

We exclusively spoke to the rising artist Bharati where she let us know her wish to sing for Shahh Rukh Khan and how she started this journey.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

How did you start this journey?

I am born and brought up in Amravati. My grandfather was a cop and he was very fond of Lata Ji’s songs, he was a really big fan of her singing. And that is the reason why he named my mother Lata. My mother has been very keen on singing but she couldn’t pursue her career as a singer. She completed her studies and was into the teaching profession.
I think this whole inspiration for singing is a legacy passed to me from my family especially from my mother. Earlier in my childhood, I had read a book named “Lata ke Nagme” and liked listening to her songs on TV. After schooling, I completed my graduation from Bharti Vidyapeeth University (Pune). I then moved to the city of dreams Mumbai where I started taking lessons from PT Bhavdeep Jaipurwale. Initially, I started by making covers of the songs and now finally I am here with my debut song Bepanah. And I am so happy I am receiving rave responses from my fans and audiences.

Was it difficult to convince your parents?

I am a single child to my parents and my parents always wanted me to do whatever I want to do but with complete honesty. They’ve been very supportive throughout my journey and will always be my strong support.

Being a female artist how difficult is it to make your identity and what difficulties did you face?

Everyone has their struggle and difficulties in their lives and so are mine. For a very long time, I am trying and worked hard to make myself a part of this industry trying to create as good songs as I can. It was very tough for me to release my debut song but after a lot of struggle and hard work, I got an opportunity to release my debut song. There have been difficulties that I had faced but I believe in karma and God helped me with the right people at the right time and I am sure I’ll keep you all entertaining with my songs.

As a singer what is your forte?

I have things in my mind but I would like to implement them and let people watch me manifest them.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years and what would be your first step to achieve that dream?

I see myself growing in terms of a good human being as a singer I will like to sing for all the Bollywood actors and actresses I look up to. My first step would be when I’ll sing for AR Rahman Sir I think that’s when I will achieve the first step of my dream. He is a great composer and I look up to all the songs that he has composed so far.

Did you think covid and pandemic was a boon for the singers and many artists?

When the first wave of the pandemic had hit us all we all were not ready. It affected every one of us, loss of life, loss of jobs and it majorly affected our film industry as well. During lockdown and pandemic songs and music was the only thing that gave each one of us hope, So I am not sure if using the word boon will be the right thing for me but yes songs and music has given a lot of people a reason to stay cheered up. A lot of singers and artists collaborated with each other during the pandemic. They shot and recorded from their houses they all tried something new which they hadn’t done before. So despite overthinking all the singers came up together being at their places and tried to spread a light of hope and a smile through their songs.

If given a chance which Bollywood actor you would like to sing for?

I would love to sing for Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Deepika Padukone and I don’t think this list will end anywhere because I love every actor and actress. I enjoy watching them on screen and I hope someday even I’ll get to sing for them.

Do you think as an artist you are getting your due?

I think I have just started my journey and I am getting all the love from my fans and audiences and my complete focus is on creating good songs. I haven’t given much thought to it right now, but I hope I’ll get what I deserve.


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