Shocking : Malayalam Actress Talked About Being Victim Of Sexual Assualt , Know The Horrifying Incident :

Malayalam actress sexual abuse

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The journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor,” says Malayalam actress Bhavana Menon as she opens up about a trauma she faced 5 years ago.

The Problem of Women Safety in India and actually not only in india but in the whole world is very big . Woman cannot go out of their house after 10 pm without any safety concern . A lot of women in order to get work are threatened to have sex with their boss otherwise they are said that they will not get work .

“For five years now, my name and my identity have been suppressed under the weight of the assault inflicted on me.” The Malayalam actress said .

The post of the malayalam actress further read, “Though I am not the one who had committed the crime, there have been many attempts to humiliate, silence and isolate me. But at such times I have had some who stepped forward to keep my voice alive. Now when I hear so many voices speak up for me I know that I am not alone in this fight for justice.”

“To see justice prevail, to get wrongdoers punished and to ensure no one else goes through such an ordeal again, I shall continue this journey. For all those who are standing with me- a heartfelt thankyou for your love, she mentioned in her note on Instagram .

This is the Instagram post of bhawana

But this Malayalam actress bhavna’s case is even more worse, scary and frightening. Bhavana has said that she was kidnapped , attacked and molested , her case took place in 2017 .

To stop this cases we need to not only teach self defence to woman but more importantly values and morals should be taught to boys on respecting woman and maintaining their boundaries . Also the security team and police should be more equipped in order to deal with such situations.For the unversed, Bhavana is addressing the kidnapped, attacked and molested case that took place in Kochi in 2017. Malayalam actor Dileep is said to be the main accused in the actress’ assault case. The Indian media and police withheld Bhavana’s name, identity as per the Indian law.


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