Shocking : 23 People Died In Pakistan’s Picturesque Murree Because of Heavy Snowstorm

23 people died in murree

Murree is most loved and noticed for its pleasant summers and snowy winters and it is one of the most popular destinations for winter vacations for tourists.

Pakistan’s Murree resides at an altitude of nearly 7500 ft. in the Punjab Province.Murree is an adventurous place where people go to enjoy , tourist and people go over there to become free of all their problems and be stress free and enjoy the natural sceneries .

But sometimes in the world a lot of tourist go to places to enjoy and do adventures but end up getting in trouble due to some or the other reason. Sometimes not even the tourist but normal people get into accidents due to natural calamities.

Such thing happened when heavy snowfall happened in Murree and 23 people including 10 children died due to suffocation, one girl who was suffering from this situation was tried to be rescued but she died because she was not taken to the hospital on time .

Recently, this picturesque town in Punjab province become the last horror trip after it received a record-breaking snowfall and left the local administration helpless and freezing to death at least 23 people, including 10 children, in their stranded vehicles.

Yesterday night, a statement by Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had put the toll at 22.The minister said that the situation can only be described as a “natural calamity” and that the area had witnessed “extreme snowfall”.

He said that cars were prevented from moving on to Murree, so people began proceeding there on foot, and they too were stopped.”We hope to bring the situation under control in an hour or two,” he said.

The minister said that the deaths were caused due to “suffocation”.According to State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), heavy machinery has been sent to rescue tourists in Murree.It also said that machinery has been sent to the Lower Topa area.

“All families” stranded in Murree have been shifted to government rest houses and hotels, Buzdar said in a post on Twitter on Saturday evening.“We are providing them all basic facilities including food, medicines and warm clothes,” he wrote.

Citing police records, Buzdar said that there were a total of 33,745 vehicles in Murree till last night out of which 33,373 vehicles have been evacuated.

We hope that the situation over there becomes better , and the climate of that place comes under control or the climate remains suitable and the extreme cold which is at that place comes to an end.


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