Shocking : Swara Bhaskar Got Covid And Her Trolls Want Her to be Dead, See Her Brave Reply :

Swara Bhaskar Got Covid, trolled

Swara Bhaskar gets covid and trolls pass the limits , the trollers who bully people online wished that she should die because of Covid .

A Lot of celebrities get trolled unnecessarily on social media they are ridiculed for their looks , for the clothes , sometimes for what they say and what not. The problem with social media is that no one is held accountable for what they are saying and so a lot of people say whatever that comes in their mind without any consideration of what the other person might feel or think.

A lot of people have made social media a place where everybody releases the hatred they have in their mind . The trolling which happens on social media is ruthless and if the celebrity does not have a high self esteem then it can affect their mental health and can even send people into depression.India is witnessing a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases.

Especially, the Bollywood industry seems to be most affected by the virus presently, as a lot of actors are testing positive for Covid-19. Actress Swara Bhaskar has now joined the list of actors who have tested positive for the virus.Swara’s Tweet read, “Hello Covid! Just got my RT-PCR test resulted and have tested positive. Been isolating & in quarantine.

Symptoms include fever, a splitting headache and loss of taste. Double vaccinated so hope this passes soon.Well, with such terrible news, ‘get well soon’ wishes usually follows.

However, it now looks, rather than wishing the actress a speedy recovery, the trolls have grabbed an opportunity to target Swara Bhaskar over her previous anti-government tweets.

With the same intention, many trolls retweeted her tweet (which revealed she was covid positive) and wrote many mean comments, specifically attacking the actress by asking her to blame her condition on Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

A Twitter user wrote, “Daal do Modi pe blame aur baat khatam karo DIDi.” Another user wrote, “Feeling sad for Corona.” One user went on to tweet, “The best of all the news I have heard in 2022 till now. May she dies and doesn’t even get a place in hell as well.

#SwaraBhasker Rest in Hell in advance.🙏,” While another one tweeted, “Will be waiting for the news of your demise. 🙏.”

This is sooo wrong on so many levels , this has shown that social media has became such a bad place where people are just spreading hate and bullying each other , wanting someone to be dead is soo cruel and should be charged with a case of bullying and all of these hate is happening just because people don’t agree with her ideology and beliefs. We hope swara gets well and live her life happily.


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