Disgusting : Jawed Habib Spits On Woman’s Head , Women Panel Filled a Complaint :

Jawed Habib Spits On Woman's Head

A video has been going viral Jawed Habib on social media who is a celebrity hairstylist is seen spitting on a woman’s head while giving her a haircut.

This is probably the worst thing ever happened. How the hell can one do such an act . Just because you are famous and popular does not mean that you can spit on a woman .

This is beyond horrible , such an act of jawed Habib should definitely be punished. In the video, which is said to be recorded at a recent training session in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, a woman can be seen sitting in a chair on a stage.

Habib says her hair is dry and then goes on to casually spit on the woman’s head, as the audience laughs and cheers in the backdrop. Habib even jokes about it and says that spit is very effective and can be used if and when water is scarce, “Agar paani ki kami hai naa…thook mein jaan hain,” the hairstylist says.

The Mentality of the audience can be seen when they are laughing and cheering when Jawed said “Agar paani ki kami hai naa…thook mein jaan hain,” the hairstylist says. The even more ridiculous thing is that he did not even asked the woman of he can spit on her head and casually did it as if that is what he regularly does .

Not only that but he could have easily used water to remove dryness from her hair but instead he chose to spit on her head , this is definitely a harrasment case where the lady was humiliated in front of hundreds of people and instead of supporting her and helping her everyone started laughing and cheering Habib .

Nowhere you can see an audience worse than this .The authenticity of the video and the date of incidence has not been confirmed yet, but it has gone viral on social media.

A woman, who claims to be the person in the video, came forward to share her experience. She said that her name is Pooja Bhat, a resident of Baraut, who attended Jawed Habib’s seminar the previous day.

She also said that the hairstylist invited her to the stage and misbehaved with her. She continued to say that Habib showed that one could use one’s spit when water is not available.

Pooja further stated that she did not get her haircut done and would get it from a local shop on the corner of a street, but never from Jawed Habib .


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