Jackie Shroff Gives Important Life Message , Makes People Emotional : Mein Bhi Chala Jaunga :

Jackie Shroff Gives life message

A Video of Actor Jackie Shroff has went Viral , You Will be surprised that the Jackie which you have always seen having fun and enjoying life is now giving wonderful advice on life which is worth noting .

Jackie says that life and death go together where there is life there is death and death is a natural part of our lives and we have to accept it . May people lose hope of living, get depressed , feel sad and stop working after the death of their people who are close to them .

Jackie has given a wonderful message to them .He said ” Ma Mari , Baba Mare , Bhai bhi Chal gaya , sab chale gaye ek din . Ab woh leke ghoomna nahi ( I Lost my Mother , my father , my brother , everyone left this world one day but we should not be in pain throughout our lives because of it . We should accept the situation, keep the people in our hearts and move on with our lives ).

Teen Chale gaye, teen aa gaye Krishna aayi , tiger aaya , meri biwi aayi . Meri ma gayi ,baap gaya , bhai gaya , toh balance rehta hai zindagi me . Abhi me chala jaunga fir koi aur aayega . Yehi toh life hai .

If you look at the sadness of people around you, you will realise you are going through nothing as compared to them. You should not keep crying over things that you didn’t get. You are a healthy person and that is enough. People should learn to be happy by whoever they are and whatever they have got,” says Jackie in the video.

You are human so it is evident that you will have sadness in your life. Everyone has to die someday or the other. Your mom, dad, family, everyone will have to leave you someday. We all know that,” he adds.According to Jackie, crying is not the best solution as once you start crying, you would cry for the rest of your life.

He says, “However, you should not cry over that. If you start crying, you will cry for the rest of your life. Have some energy. Whatever problems you face in life, make sure to keep your smile in front of people. Keep your spine straight. Don’t take tension at all.”

Jackie has explained that it is very important to face the problems in life , life will always through problems at you which will challenge you, frighten you but instead of worrying you have to fight them , put effort and always keep your mind peaceful.


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