Surprising : Will Vir Das Be Able To Perform In Mumbai After His Controversial 2 India Poem , Find Out :

Vir Das perform in Mumbai

Vir Das did an amazing job of Representing our Country at the Emmys. He is the first Indian Comedian to be nominated for an Emmy award.

This was a proud moment for our country.A Lot of people congratulated him but someone came to say negative things and said Vir is ghar ka Bedi to which Richa Chadda said “Akhbar padhte ho ” Vir Das will perform a brand new stand-up show called ‘Wanted’ in Mumbai in May.

He’ll be performing at Mumbai’s famous Jamshed Bhabha Theatre.Comedian-actor Vir Das has announced that he will perform ten shows in a row at the NCPA’s historic Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in Mumbai (National Centre for the Performing Arts).

Das has made headlines for his controversial monologue ‘I Come From Two Indias,’ which he performed at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington and was nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Comedy last year.

Das announced his ‘Wanted’ show in Mumbai by posting a video with Bitter Sweet Symphony playing in the background and various voices talking about how his Washington performance made headlines.

It ends with a voice saying, “Aaj hum chahte hain ki humara desh Vir Das jaise logo ko pahchane (We want our country to recognise people like Vir Das)Making the announcement, Vir Das wrote, “Mumbai! Tickets are now live! May 4-8, 2022. 10 shows at the iconic Jamshed Bhabha Theatre at NCPA.

Tix Link in Bio! It’s been two years, and I’m going to rock your world! #WantedTour #VirDas. Distanced, vaccinated, sanitised, tested. Get your tickets before they are gone! No comedian has done a run at JBT before. Oh…and tell everyone.”

Vir Das has created history by doing a sold out show in John F Kennedy center where the whole show was sold out . People from all over the world are loving the comedy of Vir Das.

Recently Vir Das shared a video of him in John F Kennedy center which is a very proud moment for any artist to perform over there . Vir has said that the poetry is a satire which shows the duality of 2 seperate indians which do 2 very different things.

Like any nation there is good and bad , light and dark , good and evil within it . None of this is a secret . This video appeals for us to never forget that we are great . To never stop focusing on what makes us great .


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