Heartbreaking : Peacock Follows Partner After It's Tragic Death , Know Why, Viral Video is No 1 Heartwarming:

Peacock follows partner after death

By chaitanya jain
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Heartbreaking : Peacock Follows Partner After It's Tragic Death , Know Why,  Viral Video is No 1 Heartwarming:


One of the best example of this is peacock, they are not only the most beautiful bird but also one of the most loving .

The Love animals have for each other is the purest , they love each other, sacrifice for each other and take care of each other . Most of the times their love is not selfish like some of the humans .

Recently an extraordinary act of affection and compassion has been shown by a peacock for its partner . Such acts are not seen frequently, it was a rare moment that was caught on camera.


Contrary to folklore that suggests peacocks often mate for life, the beautiful birds are actually polygamous. They are known for changing partners on a yearly basis and even within a season sometimes.

However, peacocks are conditioned to be monogamous in captivity and often mate for life in those settings. An extremely touching video is going viral on social media that shows a peacock showing emotions of being heartbroken and not leaving its long-time partner's side after its demise.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan shared the video on his Twitter handle saying the incident happened in Rajasthan's Kuchera town. "The peacock doesn't want to leave the long-time partner after his death. Touching video," he said in his tweet.


This is the link of the video of the bird and it's partner.

The bird lived with its partner for four years, the officer mentioned. The peacock refused to let go of its partner even after its death. In the video, two men can be seen carrying the carcass of the peacock's partner.

Meanwhile, its partner is seen following the men as they take the dead peacock for its funeral.Mr Bishnoi was quoted as saying by Dainik Bhaskar that the birds were like members of his family.


On social media, several thousand users were moved by the love and friendship between the birds.“Animals have more love and affection for each other than humans. Touching indeed,” wrote one user.

Here there are animals who are showing this much love for their partner and here we humans are showing our love for partners by breaking up for small , petty reasons , there are numerous examples where partners have cheated on their significant other .

Hope in this brutal world where one out two marriages end up getting divorced, you get a partner who loves you the way the bird has loved it's partner .

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