Shocking : 12 Years Age Difference With Malika Arrora Leads to Arjun Kapoor getting trolled, Brilliant Reply By Arjun :

Malika Arrora and Arjun Kapoor trolled

Arjun Kapoor has recently posted a picture on Instagram on which he gets trolled for having a 12 years age difference between him and his love Malika Arrora, Here is what he said .

A Lot of celebrities get trolled unnecessarily on social media they are ridiculed for their looks , for the clothes , sometimes for what they say and what not. The problem with social media is that no one is held accountable for what they are saying and so a lot of people say whatever that comes in their mind without any consideration of what the other person might feel or think.

A lot of people have made social media a place where everybody releases the hatred they have in their mind . The trolling which happens on social media is ruthless and if the celebrity does not have a high self esteem then it can affect their mental health and can even send people into depression.

Arjun Kapoor has said a very powerful statement on this , he said that the hate on social media is fake and most of the Celebrities including me and Malika don’t even read 90% of the comments and the reason the hate is fake because even those who say bad things in the comment section will try to have a selfie with me when they meet me .

He continued on this topic of him and Malika that it is ridiculous to judge a couple just based on their ages . He says that it is silly thought process to judge a relationship on the people’s age and as long as people see my work when I do it , all of this doesn’t matter. He said that what he does in his personal life is prerogative and as long as his work is being recognised the rest of all is just noise .

We can’t talk about it and get bothered , so just live and let live .Arjun and Malika have been in an relationship for years . He and Malika have also shared some photos on social media .

To wish fans on social media on new year , he posted unseen pictures from a beach vacation. As the dust settles on 2021 we just want to wish all of you a happy new year was the caption of his post . Arjun was last seen in a film with Jacqueline, Saif Ali Khan and Yami Gautam.

Arjun has previously worked in Panipat and the next film of him is also expected to perform very well in the cinema.


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