Shocking : Large Crowd In 1 Popular Goa Beàch in Times of Increase of Covid and Omicron :

Crowd in Goa in times of covid

By chaitanya jain
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Shocking : Large Crowd In 1 Popular Goa Beàch in Times of Increase of  Covid and Omicron :


In spite of regulations and restrictions, thousands of people gathered in a crowd in Goa for Celebrating New Year . Parties , dance and nightclubs were on .

To protect the people from viruses like Coronavirus and Omicron in delhi there have been made rules which people are supposed to follow in order to prevent the spread of virus.

This is the post on twitter which shows the situation of Goa


The Ministers of Goa has strictly given warning to club owners, restaurant owners and hotel owners to only allow those people in club who are negatively tasted for covid or have take vaccination and not allow crowd to gather.

People need to now strictly follow covid rules like wearing masks , using sanitizers, maintain social distancing, not go out of house unless it is absolutely necessary, take regular covid taste and take vaccination as fast as possible.

Gathering in crowd is dangerous in such times.In a viral video a large crowd is going crazy , dancing and enjoying without wearing mask, without having social distancing and without following covid restrictions and rules . Actions like this by people will prove seriously wrong for them .


Crowd might enjoy now but will have to pay the price later , doing such careless things and careless parties will be lethal for them also and people around them also.People now not only have to deal with covid but also have to handle omicron .

Omicron is a harmful virus however recent study of South Africa suggest that the number of chances of people going to hospital because of omicron are less and the number of deaths because of omicron will also be less . Inspite of all this we have to take precautions and stop the virus before it spreads .

A scientist of US says that when there is high number of cases there should be atleast 2 out of 3 layers of protection it is not perfect but it definitely reduces the risk of the virus.The three layers of protection are wearing masks, doing vaccination and doing covid taste.

It is recommended that people should stay indoors as much as possible but if sometimes it is very important to go outside and it is ver urgent they should ensure that out of the three at least two layers of protection they have .