Menswear Clothing brand SNITCH now caters to the innerwear market with the launch of their latest collection

Menswear clothing brand SNITCH that has already redefined casual and loungewear for the metrosexual man and have just released the latest innerwear edit that encompasses a premium range of briefs and trunks for the modern man.

Like the experts say that the idea behind power-dressing lies in best sought comfort, the best inners Menswear for men doesn’t bunch or wriggle up, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of cash for the upgrade.

SNITCH has ruled out all the possibilities of discomfort and has encapsulated an enchanting range that is premium yet advanced, when it comes to material, technology and fit choices.

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The brand has also noted that Style is another important factor, too. The brand estimates that the confidence a man gets from knowing that he is donning a stylish Menswear is powerful.

The label is known for their ethical side too, thus they ensure that all our raw materials are chemical-free. Being Anti-Microbial i.e. 100% bacterial free and Anti-Fade and Anti-Pilling, the collection meets the levels of quality and longevity in your closet. Some of the other features of the collection are

  1. Fits to perfection – Making you feel confident
  2. Sweat free – Making you feel fresh the whole day
  3. 3x softer than cotton- Feels like wearing nothing
  4. Wicks moisture faster – Making you feel fresh and confident
  5. No Foul Play
  6. 4way Stretch – For your all day adventure
  7. No Rollin of waistband

According to Siddarth R Dungarwal, Founder, SNITCH,”The modal blend composition makes our innerwear 2 times softer than cotton, keeping you comfortable all day long. The 4-way stretch technology gives the best fit, making it the ideal choice for our customers. Keep foul play and bacteria away with premium quality innerwear for Menswear from SNITCH,”

According to the market research, The Menswear innerwear segment is pegged at around Rs 8,500 crore. With increased disposable income and changing consumer behavioral patterns, the segment is expected to maintain its current growth rate reach Rs 68, 270 crore by 2024. The growing aspirations and increasing disposable incomes will only ensure higher consumption of premium brands and goods but will insure increasing the market share of the innerwear sector.

Snitch broke Indian social media during the previous lockdown and by July 2020, they were the talk of the town all across the country. The brand started the first month with Rs 31 lakh in sales and grew to around Rs 4 crore in March 2021. The startup is currently at a turnover of Rs 23 crore from its D2C channel and looks to grow 20-25 percent from here on monthly.


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