Man named Subodh Dances on The Road Without Helmet On Chammak Challo , People Says Hilarious No 1 Dance :

Subodh dance with helmet on road

Subodh Londe a Content Creator who has around 50 k followers on Instagram and 200k followers on YouTube danced hilariously on road when the signal was red.

Social Media is a Place which gives you a lot of opportunities, without social media so many artists and creators will not get the opportunity to show their content to the world.

But here you have to be consistent in showing your talent , you have to work hard , sometimes people will like your content , sometimes they will not . You will feel sometimes that it is not working out for you and sometimes you will feel that you are the greatest but in spite of all this you have to work consistently and do hard work in order to get results.

This social media is known for making people viral overnight but what people don’t realise is that for being viral overnight, you need to work hard for a lot of nights, you need to work on your craft , make it perfect , edit the bad part and when you consistently work for many days then after that maybe when you upload your content , you may get viral .

Subodh had a total swag when he did the dance . He did the dance on chammak challo very effortlessly but this effortlessness shows that there is a lot of hardwork behind it and he had prepared the song before .

His steps were perfect, he did not seemed nervous .Not only this but subodh was completely energetic throughout the dance and watching him dancing would make anyone get up and start the dance , not only that but he did the dance without disturbing anyone .

He did it when there was a red signal and all the vehicles had to stop .Subodh also gave the message at the top that don’t jump red signal, enjoy it .

This is a very good message because whenever there is a red signal everybody is always in a hurry , very few people have patience and some people even break the signal as if they are busy and having a very big life when in reality they will go home and watch tv only.

Subodh was wearing formals and he did not even removed his helmet while dancing which made the dance even more fantastic to watch. Subodh has done this type of dance many times and everytime he does it , people find it hilarious. Stay safe and follow rules.


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