Heart Breaking : Bachpan ka Pyaar Boy Sahdev Dirdo had 1 Accident , Baadshah says Need Your Prayers :

Bachpan ka pyaar, Sahdev met accident

Sahdev Dirdo who is known as the bachpan ka pyaar boy as he became viral after his bachpan ka pyaar video has been hospitalized after having an accident.

Social Media is a Place which gives you a lot of opportunities, without social media so many artists and creators will not get the opportunity to show their content to the world.

This social media is known for making people viral overnight but what people don’t realise is that for being viral overnight, you need to work hard for a lot of nights, you need to work on your craft , make it perfect , edit the bad part and when you consistently work for many days then after that maybe when you upload your content , you may get viral .

One such case was that of bachpan ka pyaar boy , his song bachpan ka pyaar went so viral that on almost every Instagram reel and ticktock video . Every small boy , adults and a lot of people used to sing that song , many people had that song as their ringtone .

The Song went so viral that one of the best rappers from india Baadshah did a collaboration with him for a remix version of that song .

He has now said on twitter that Sahdev has met an accident and he was unconscious on his way to hospital. I am there for him . Need your prayers .https://twitter.com/Its_Badshah/status/1475837309048082434?t=-4uP2iYQ7N1FdJFyF2ibHw&s=19

Sahdev was rushed to district hospital and after getting the basic treatment was taken to the jagdalpur medical College hospital. Sukma collector visited the place and enquired about his condition.

Astha and Baadshah went to meet him , astha said in an interview that baadshah had heard the song which Sahdev had sung 2 years back and he liked the voice of the kid .

We were doing a concert and that is when we thought let’s do an Instagram reel , it was nothing serious, we were very casual and then we kind of played and sing that song .

But the reel went very viral that is when we decided that we will make a full fledged song .Then we called sachdev and made the song which became a trend .

We hope that Sahdev gets well soon , fame is very good but health is the most important, without health everything is waste , health is wealth and we should take care of it . Hope Sahdev gets healthy again and then entertains us with his wonderful voice.


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