Shocking : 11000 Flights Cancelled In The World Due To Coronavirus , Know more:

11000 flights cancelled due to Coronavirus

Even though the cases are high and flights are also getting cancelled. Us government allowed worker to go to work because of concern of mass labour shortage .

In the New York City the number of hospitalization has increased as the United States government has promised that they will increase the issue of shortage of Covid 19 test .

The results of the prediction show that there will be an upward increase in the graph of Covid 19 . It shows four times increase in the number of covid cases which can lead to serious problems and can cause panic among people if they are not given the required help at the right time when they get to know that they are covid infected and their life is in danger .

One of the officer said that one of the problems is that it’s not totally available to everyone and there are going to be issues related to the tests of people having covid .

Due to such conditions and the constant prediction that covid cases are going to get increased.Not only 11500 flights have been cancelled a lot of them have also been delayed . Effects repulled worldwide with about 3000 flights already cancelled Monday and 1100 more on Tuesday.

Us president Joe Biden said that the US hospital could overrun but that country is generally well prepared and they don’t need to panic . Omicron should be a source of concern but it should not be a source of panic.

Omicron is a deadly virus however recent studies show that The Only way to stop or reduce the spread of omicron is the 2 out of 3 rule. 3 Here Refers to the three layers of protection which is masks wearing , covid 19 vaccination and covid 19 testing.

A scientist of US says that when there is high number of cases there should be atleast 2 out of 3 layers of protection it is not perfect but it definitely reduces the risk of the virus.

It is recommended that people should stay indoors as much as possible but if sometimes it is very important to go outside and it is ver urgent they should ensure that out of the three at least two layers of protection they have .

Such Reasons are there which have made the flights get cancelled. We hope that flights get started again and everything will come back to normal and we will be able to enjoy without restriction.


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