Salman Khan Praises Nishant Bhat , says “How dare you always speak right things in the house !

Bigg Boss 15 host Salman Khan called out contestant Karan Kundrra recently for his behaviour with his friend-turned-lover Tejasswi Prakash. For the uninitiated, Karan was seen behaving rudely with Tejasswi which led to huge fights between them for days at an end, right before the Weekend Ka Vaar.

On the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman called out Karan for ‘being fair’ (in sarcasm, obviously). The actor agreed to the statement and said he didn’t want to give up during the Ticket To Finale task. He mentioned that Umar Riaz, Rashami Desai, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat were playing the task for him which made him even more determined.

“What affected you more, that Rakhi and Devoleena were playing unfair or that they were supporting Tejasswi?,” Salman asked Karan. On hearing that, Rakhi smiled, nodded and clapped. Meanwhile, Karan said that he doesn’t need Rakhi and Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s support to move forward on the show.

When Salman asked Karan if he had a problem with Tejasswi winning, Karan said, “I told Teja that it is a win-win if either of them go to the finale.” He then added that he lost it when Teja said that she wanted to go to the finale in a fair manner.
Salman then poked fun at Nishant reminding that the choreographer told his ‘Bira’ that what is his problem if Tejasswi is playing for herself and winning. “How dare you Nishant?,” the host asked jokingly. He then praised Nishant by stating, “How dare you speak the correct things in the house?”

Rakhi pointed out that Karan had a problem with Teja going to the finale before him. The actor said it was fine since he was playing for himself. Meanwhile, Salman asked Nishant to explain himself. The choreographer pointed out how Karan’s methods were wrong, also explaining how the actor always received support from people in the house and won many tasks. Salman ‘totally agreed’ with Nishant’s point.

Salman then got back to Karan and asked him why was it so important for him that his friend/love-interest should reach the finale in a fair manner. He picked on Karan again stating, “Tejasswi would have told Rakhi and Devo to make her win through cheating.”

Karan later said that he and Umar did converse after the task that if the Ticket To Finale task wasn’t radd then at least Tejasswi would be there in the finals. On hearing this, Rakhi and Salman couldn’t help but give out an evil laughter.

Devo then added that she heard Karan was going to get rid of Teja in the first round itself, followed by keeping Abhijit and himself in the last round, so that she is forced to support Karan. For the uninitiated, Devo is not on good terms with Abhijit ever since he demanded a kiss from her. Karan stopped Devoleena by stating that she would never support him anyway.

When Salman reminded Karan that he was arguing with Tejasswi for a day and a half that she wanted to win in an unfair manner, he denied all claims. Salman then asked the same question – whether Teja asked the sanchaalak to be unfair?

Umar chipped in the argument and stated that Tejasswi was okay winning the task in an unfair manner. “Toh isme galat kya hai?,” Salman asked the doctor. The host then called Umar out for removing the photo in the task with Rashami’s help.

“Kya tujhe dard nahi hua ki yeh (Karan) tujhe finale mein nahi jaane de raha tha?,” Rakhi asked Teja. She nodded while looking at her. However, Salman stopped Rakhi and asked Pratik (citing Tejasswi’s example) that if you stop someone from letting you win in an unfair manner but they are adamant on making you the winner, then what is your fault? Pratik mentioned that the person isn’t at fault and the max they can do is plead that they should not let them win in an unfair manner.

All a person can do is plead that someone makes them the winner in a fair manner. “If they are so helpless in winning a task, then task radd is also fair,” Karan cited. Hearing them fight, Salman started yawning, indicating that he is bored with the topic and more importantly, with the contestants’ behaviour towards one another.


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