Shocking : Omicron Cases Rising has forced an Increase In Child Hospitalisation , New York In Danger :

Omicron cases increase in new york

The New York State Department Has warned of an upward increase in the number of cases and hospitalization due to covid 19.

In America , specially in new york things are not going well as the virus covid 19 is not stopping it’s reach . Now that we have the vaccine of Covid the problem is that we now have Omicron virus also which is very deadly, life threatening and it can be lethal for our health if not taken seriously.

Now along with Omicron there is also another virus named delmicron which is the delta version of Omicron. Rumours are that even this virus can spread and cause problems in people’s health and can also make people die .

In the New York City the number of hospitalization has increased as the United States government has promised that they will increase the issue of shortage of Covid 19 test .

The results of the prediction show that there will be an upward increase in the graph of Covid 19 and the number of cases will increase. It shows four times increase in the number of covid cases which can lead to serious problems and can cause panic among people if they are not given the required help at the right time when they get to know that they are covid infected and their life is in danger .

One of the officer said that one of the problems is that it’s not totally available to everyone and there are going to be issues related to the tests of people having covid .But we are addressing the test problem, saying it should be corrected very soon .

One of the studies have first time shown a good news , this study was first done in south africa and there it was found out that omicron virus will not lead to hospitalization as much the virus of its previous strains .

It has also shown another good news that the virus will affect people and the number of cases of it might increase but not to such a big degree that the people will feel the need for oxygen so in other words we have to protect ourselves from this virus but this virus is not as dangerous as covid and will cause less number of people to death and hospitalization.

In order to prevent covid and lessen the number of cases from spreading we should wear masks , use sanitizer, maintain social distancing , take covid tests and take vaccines as fast as possible and remain in the home as much as possible .


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