Music Label Forced to Change the Song Name and Lyrics after The Ruthless Outrage Of People and MP Minister :

Madhuban song lyrics changed

Music label Saregama on Sunday said the company will “change” the lyrics and the name of the song ‘Madhuban’ after Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra alleged that the video of the track has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

The minister on Sunday had warned actor Sunny Leone, who stars in the video, and singers Shaarib and Toshi to apologise and withdraw their song ‘Madhuban mein Radhika, jaise jungle me nache mor’ within three days or else face action.Nowadays everyone is getting offended on anything.

Some People are just trying to find excuses to get offended and triggered and they not only get offended but they also gives threats and come to physical voilence like gundas and beat the artist who doesn’t listen to their demands .

The Other side is also true to some extent that some people are afraid to take the names of Islam and islamic names and topics but they take the names of Hinduism and hindu gods . The problem is not that people are getting offended.

People have the right to get offended but the problem is that they should go to court , file a case and make the person go to jail for targetting hinduism but instead of that they take law in their own hands and according to their wish they think that the other person is wrong and if the other person doesn’t accept their demands they become gundas and attack people and even give money to gundas to go and beat the artist mercilessly which is very bad and offensive thing to do .

This type of behaviour ends freedom of speech and rises dictatorship and is a criminal act. This behaviour leads to fear among people even though it is not proven that they have done anything wrong .

If someone is offended they should go to court and file a case.In light of the recent feedback & respecting the sentiments of our fellow countrymen, we will be changing the lyrics & the name of the song Madhuban.

“The new song will replace the old one across all platforms over the next 3 days,” Saregama, which had released the aforementioned song on its YouTube channel on December 22, said in a brief statement.

Some vidharmis are constantly hurting Hindu sentiments. The video ‘Madhuban me Radhika nache’ is one such condemnable attempt. I am warning Sunny Leone ji, Shaarib and Toshi ji to understand. If they don’t remove the song after apologising in three days, then we will take action against them,” Mishra told reporters when asked about the song.


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