Unbelievable : A Fish Has Hands And Can Walk , Seen after 22 Years ,Know About it :

Fish that can walk , has hands

A very rare pink fish that walks and has hands was spotted in Australia off the Tasmanian coast for the first time in 22 years.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the national science agency of Australia announced the news. Our Earth is a planet of millions of species may be even billion who knows .

There are a lot of animals species and plant species which exists on planet but we don’t even know them . The Forest and Oceans are the largest source of life and are home to billions of animals and plants.The Beauty of the earth lies in the existence of ocean , natural things like mountains, oceans , rivers , plants and animals . But the human beings are destroying them one by one actually all at the same time .

Humans cut trees and forests which leads to deforestation . As forests are a source of life a large number of animals life come in danger .A large number of animals are also killed by humans for their personal gains and the fact that we even pollute our surroundings and water bodies also make it difficult for animals to survive in water bodies .

This is mainly the result of water pollution .Among such situations we have found that there is a new type of fish . This rare fish was last sighted by a diver off Tasmania in 1999 and has only been seen four other times.

Just because the fish is so rare, the Australian researchers had recently classified it as endangered.Australian researchers said they had seen this rare fish with a deep-sea camera at the Tasman Fracture Marine Park.

This new discovery shows the fish in deeper and more open waters than it had lived in previously. The researchers had thought the fish was a shallow-water species that lived in sheltered bays but it has now been found at a depth of 150m (390 ft) off Tasmania’s wild .

This is the tweet shared on this topic -https://twitter.com/CSIRO/status/1473850851676536833?t=JUpea0JMoyVGJjm6JGNE9g&s=19

This is an exciting discovery and offers hope for the ongoing survival of pink handfish, as clearly they have a wider habitat and distribution than previously thought,” said lead researcher and marine biologist Neville Barrett, an associate professor at the University of Tasmania told BBC.

Let’s hope that this fish and other types of such fishes live longer and continue to spread across the world and come out of endangerment. Save animals save life.


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