Hilarious : Anupam Kher wonderfully Danced at Neice Wedding , Shares Emotional Note About her moving to Delhi :

Anupam Kher danced at niece wedding

Anupam Kher attended wedding of her niece Vrinda Kher and was the life of the party over there and enjoyed it throughout .

Several pictures of him on his wedding are getting viral on the internet . He has shared those pictures on Instagram and are getting amazing reactions from people.

Anupam Kher is a very talented actor and is also a well known nationalist . His love for the country has not been hidden from anyone . He always says things about love for the nation .

Recently when he went to a foreign country , he went to a prestigious apple Company shop . There were a lot of watches which were representing a few countries .

There were watches representing America , England, Italy, Australia and etc but anupam was very dissapointed when he did not saw any watch representing india.

He posted on his Instagram about what happened and asked to Apple company that India is one of the largest consumers of apple products then why there was not any watch representing india . Just a question. This guestre of him was very appreciated from people and they loved his nationalistic spirit .

But anupam is not only a nationalist but is also a very loving uncle on his niece wedding he wrote a touching note about a woman coming out of her house after marriage. He said she has not left the family but is moving from one house to another .

This is the tweet of anupam where he emotionally wrote about his loving bond with her niece .https://twitter.com/AnupamPKher/status/1475334240602669057?t=MCV14qyHywJ45D6xwRp30Q&s=19

Vrinda Kher is the daughter of anupam’s brother Raju kher . Anupam also shared a post on Instagram in which he shared a video of arrival of baraat which showed him his mother dulari and his son sikandar kher grooving to dhol beats.

There were also pictures of him and his mom posing with his family at various occasions. He wrote in the caption , ” Confusion , Chaos and the attempt to make a family picture at the #devgan (kashmiri ceremony) of our beloved @vrindakher But this the joy of an indian wedding . Look at the vibrant colours and conversations.

Anupam often shares glimpses of him with his mother dulari and sometimes glimpses of his wife kirron kher who is currently recovering from a certain type of blood cancer .

He appears in numerous films and has a busy work schedule, he is one of those people who believe that there is no such thing as talent in acting , it is all a result of hardwork .


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